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  • At Home, Simple and Amazing Nail Art Designs

    Do it At Home, Simple and Amazing Nail Art Designs

    Nail art designs are so popular nowadays, you see pictures of many shapes and designs everywhere on facebook pages or instagram and may be you say to yourself these designs look hard to be done at home and I should head to a salon or buy some stickers but you know what? You can do some perfect and easy designs at home. All what you will need to start with is having good looking nails I mean clean, healthy, evenly shaped nails, good nail polish, toothpick, brushes with fine tips, pure acetone to clear any mess, cotton pads and top coat to get a shiny and long lasting nail art. Let’s start with the simplest designs that will take no…

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  • ways to use nail polish

    10 useful ways to use nail polish

    Are you a fan of Nail polish? Do you have tons of it? Or Do you hate it and it is not your thing? Well, love or hate you will not debate its use after reading this: 1. Put a stop to a stockings run We have all been there, it is a universal struggle. Now we can put an end to it by applying some nail polish right under the run. You will love it! 2. Cover up scratches Scartches on any surface tend to waste its aesthetic value, but not any more. Use your nail polish to cover up scratches on any surface, from shoes and boots to wood and plastic. The choices are nearly endless in colours.…

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  • Best Ways to Remove Nail Polish Without Using Remover

    Best Ways to Remove Nail Polish Without Using Remover

    Many women are addicted to nail polish and they love to regularly change the color of their nails. So they are always in need for nail polish removers. Nail polish removers contain harsh chemicals that can cause your nails to dry and at the same time you need to buy high-quality nail polish removers which will be something costly especially as they are frequently used. So, if you are one of those ladies who love to follow all the new trends in the manicure fashion and you like to experience new colors every day, a homemade nail polish remover can be a perfect alternative for you. Your house contains many ingredients that can be used for removing nail polish. Here…

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  • What Nail Polish Color suits you

    What Nail Polish Color suits you?

    There are dozens of nail polish shades and color in beauty stores , the thing which makes women get confused while shopping for the right color. How can you choose the right nail polish color for you ? read on to know more ! You should first consider the occasion, if you are going to a work meeting or an interview then neutral colors are the right pick for you ,also muted colors . you don’t want anyone to get distracted by bright colors or think of you anything else than conservative and professional . Unusual colors and patterns can bring unwanted attention to your hands. If your business meeting or interview isn’t for hand modeling, you don’t want bright…

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  • Pamper Your Hands with Shellac Nail Polishes

    Pamper Your Hands with Shellac Nail Polishes

    The look of the finger is important for every lady as the great look of your fingers can greatly enhance your beauty. Every woman needs to take care of her fingers and nails to stay beautiful. Shellac nail polish is one of the recent products that hits nail salons. The process of getting your nails painted with Shellac starts with choosing the nail polish color you want. Then the manicurist cuts the cuticles, files the nails, and buffs them. Then she will apply three layers to your nails, it will start with the base coat, then the color coat and the final layer will be the top coat. After you have applied the nail paint, you will place your fingers…

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  • 6 Essential nail polish Colors you need for Fall

    6 Essential nail polish Colors you need for Fall

    Women like to stay trendy all year and for all seasons . Different styles and colors are always out there for you to choose from . in this article you will read about the hottest colors and shades of nail polish for the fall . Berry-colored nail polish this shade should be on top of your list for this fall .the shades you can pick from vary From deep maroons to deep purples, heavy reds to dark-ish pinks .you can perfectly match it with dark outfits, Vibrant colors these come in very cheerful and strong shades that if you wore them with the right outfit can look perfectly beautiful on your nails .different bright shades that you can try this…

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  • Pros and cons of Gel Nails Polish

    Pros and cons of Gel Nails Polish

    Everyone knows that nail polishes has a very strong smell and tends to dry very slowly. But why use the normal polish when you have the gel nail polish ? The advantages of this product outweigh its disadvantages. Read more to learn about the pros and cons of this style trend Pros of gel nail polish Gel polish helps you do a lot of activities and works of daily life without worrying about losing the color. If you are doing housework or washing the dishes at home, your nails will always be protected and look great always with the gels. women fear that when they hand-wash their clothes and do other activities at home, they will damaged their nails. However,…

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  • Nail Art Designs with No Effort

    Different Nail Art Designs with No Effort

    Visiting the beauty salon for having a nail art design must be costing you some money, so what about saving some money and let’s do these nail art designs at home. I know you see many designs and you say, I can’t do this one at home, but trust me by time you will find yourself doing amazing designs and you know what else? You will start improvising some of your own as well. The best thing to do is to start easy, start with the simple designs like, applying different color to each nail of your hands. You see, it sounds so simple, but it’s different and it’s good as a beginning too. Use the effecting nail polish as…

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  • Gel Nails

    Helpful Information about Gel Nails

    With all the crowded life that you live in, you try to find some time to pamper yourself, so you look for fast and easy ways that don’t take time and give you amazing results as well. Gel nails are a very fast and easy way to pamper your nails with, they are so easy to apply, maintain and they are safe as well. Let’s talk more about gel nails; they are made from three ingredients, polymer powder, monomer liquid and oligomer which give the gel nail its flexibility and its natural look. Speaking of natural look, gel nails are considered as the best artificial nails that is so close to the natural nails look than any other type like…

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  • Facts about Nail Polish

    Surprising Facts about Nail Polish

    The first surprising fact is that nail polish is so beneficial yes, it’s true. Ok, let’s start simple; think about how you feel when you apply nail polish on your nails, think of that wow you say after seeing your hand glowing with perfect painted nails. Feeling these amazing emotions will result into more taking care of your nails, yes, it may sound little pampering according to your busy life, but what about some only you time, trust me it will do no harm. For sure the real beauty is the beauty of your soul, but we can’t deny the importance of the first impression and trust me some people make their first impression through nails and hands look, so…

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  • Quick Solutions to Dry your Nail Polish

    Quick Solutions to Dry your Nail Polish

    Who doesn’t suffer from this problem, you are in a hurry and your manicure is still wet and you are worried that it might smudge, ugh, I hate that moment. We will forget about this moment now with using some simple and quick solution to enjoy a fully dried manicure. The magical top coat is one of the solutions that you see everyday in our make up box and you don’t know that it’s your savior, apply the top coat after you apply the nail polish with few seconds and you will see the amazing result. The top coat will help your nail polish to dry faster and it will help it to last for longer time as well. The…

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