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20 Weeks Pregnant: What to Do in the Center Point of Your Pregnancy

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Are you bored of such long days and nights waiting for your baby? The half of your way is over, and you can wait just for a similar period to carry your baby with your hand. Just keep your healthy diet and exercises and visit your healthcare provider in the due time to get a healthy baby.

As your baby is going longer and heavier and his legs are going straight, he\she is practicing human skills such as swallowing the surrounding fluid to function his\her digestive system properly and producing meconium to be accumulated in his\her bowels. The vernix caseosa is developed to protect your baby’s skin and your immunities transfer to him\her throughout the spinal cord.

From the beginning of your pregnancy till the 20th week, you should gain about 10 pounds and your tummy should reveal your precious pregnancy. The pounds you gains depends on your pre-pregnancy weight; so, you can gain from a half to one pound a week at the coming stage. You will notice an unusual growth and strength or even dryness in your nails and hair due to the pregnancy hormones that enhance the nutrition of your body hair and nails.

The ultrasound will detect the gender of your baby between the 18th and 20th century and tell you if your baby is fine in general. The growth of your baby now will be detected by the height of your uterus, as it reaches the bottom line of your belly and it will grow toward the rib cage with one centimeter a week.

Your body will need an ample amount of minerals and nutrients, especially iron and calcium, in addition to the proper night rest and a calm environment in such a period of pregnancy. The childbirth class can be a perfect idea at this point, as you will learn good ways to calm your anxieties and create new friendships with similar future moms to make use of their experiences.

Your partner should find a doula to provide you information and encouragement at the late weeks of your pregnancy and during the birth starting from the 20th week of pregnancy. As for you, try to write down your thoughts and plans about your delivery to communicate such desires with your partner and family members later. Along with such preparations, you should adjust your diet and take iron supplements to prevent the low birth weight, anemia, and premature delivery.

20 Weeks of Pregnancy What to Do in the Center Point of Your Pregnancy


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