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22 Weeks Pregnant: Exciting Developments Inside Your Uterus

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Are you enjoyed with the playful movements of your baby, yet need more information to have a healthy and safe pregnancy experience? Actually, the symptoms of your pregnancy will differ according to the nature of your body and the week of your pregnancy, but there are general symptoms and tips that will help you understand your baby and ensure a safe pregnancy experience.

At the 22nd week of your pregnancy, your 425 grams-baby can develop his own protein antibodies to fight infections whenever he\she is born. The taste buds are developing on your baby’s tongue and the nerve and brain endings are complete by the end of the 22nd week of your pregnancy. This is the due time for your pancreas to produce hormones and for your baby to hear you and distinguish your voice.

The colorful part of your baby’s eyes is still developing its pigment and the body will gain rapid weight beginning from this stage. Whether you expect a baby boy or girl, his\her reproductive system will develop perfectly, as the ovaries will be positioned, the vagina will be fully formed, and the testes of your boy will descend away from the abdomen.

During the 22nd week, your increasing libido and vaginal secretion may increase your desire for sex or dismiss it completely. The symptoms of pregnancy during the 22nd week can include occasional faintness, increasing vaginal discharges, stretch marks, indigestion, desire for food and water, and leg cramps, but your visible belly is the general symptom for all women in this stage.

During your pregnancy, try to choose the quality of your food and introduce beneficial fruits and vegetables to your daily diet such as kiwi, apples, and spinach, as they are great sources of iron and calcium in addition to the folic acid. Actually, the folic acid is a key element at the first trimester, but it will help you avoid the natural tube defects and produce new red blood cells. The salmon and similar fish are incredibly helpful for your baby’s brain growth in the 22nd week, but you should eat them only once a week.

When you purchase your coming baby’s belongings, start with the basics such as feeding bottles and a few clothes in addition to the essential nursery furniture. The toys and decorative elements can be delayed to the last trimester or even after delivery.

22 Weeks Pregnant Exciting Developments Inside Your Uterus


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