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23 Weeks Pregnant: Complex Emotions and Nice Developments

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Your pregnancy journey is a step towards the end, but your baby needs time to grow in size and his\her lung need to function properly. For this, your balanced diet with too much water and relaxing exercise will be greatly helpful in the 23rd week. The coming few lines will help you understand this part of your pregnancy perfectly.

If you expect chubby cheeks and toes for your baby in such an early stage, you are extremely excited. Actually, your 500g- baby’s skin is still saggy, but when the fat forms, he will be plump. Apart from his\her external look, your baby can hear and feel the voices and movements outside your uterus and help him breath with a fixed rhythm.

If you feel forgetful or disorganized, you are not alone, especially if this is your first pregnancy experience. Your pregnancy will cause a special stress and confused emotions, but you should relax most of your day and exercise relaxing sports like yoga. Instead, you can sit down and remember your cheerful memories or imagine peaceful scenes light the sunset or the waves reaching the shore to relax every single muscle within your body.

At the 23rd week, your hands and feet may grow rapidly and get red and your skin may get heat rash and stretch marks, but all of this symptoms will fade directly after your delivery. The most noticeable and common symptom of pregnancy in this stage is the dark line, as it can affect your bellybutton, neck, face, and chest. Such skin discoloration is common for the dark-skinned women, but some light-skinned women have the same problem.

For a safe and healthy pregnancy, you should keep a bottle of water beside you most of the day to keep your balanced blood volume and cleanse your newly produced milk and amniotic fluid. The fiber-rich food among meals will provide your body precious nutrients and help you feel fuller most of the time.

To avoid the backache, just choose a relaxing chair and stretch your legs or walk every several minutes. Your feet will need larger shoes with high-quality to support you and bear your increasing weight along the coming period of your pregnancy. Whether this is your first baby or not, you can choose his\her unique name starting from this point. Remember that this is your own decision, but you can still consult your friends or relatives about the idea.

23 Weeks Pregnant Complex Emotions and Nice Developments


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