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35 Weeks Pregnant: How to Prepare for a Happy and Safe Labor

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The delivery day can be anytime starting from the 35th week of your pregnancy, especially if your baby’s weight is suitable and his way out is open. This may be considered a moderate premature, but most of the babies at this point don’t need neonatal nurseries. When you reach the 35th week of your pregnancy, the rest of your pregnancy journey is shorter and easier.

Your baby’s weight at this point reaches 2.4kg and his tall is about 46.2cm. He is still moving toward the end of your pelvis, but he needs a few weeks to gain weight and the fat should form 30% of his body before going out. Along with your baby’s visible movements, you may feel irregular aches and twitches, but their rhythm will accelerate shortly before and at your delivery.

To give birth in a certain hospital, you should do a hospital test run, calculate the way at rush hours, and define the parking space and drink machine even if you attend your antenatal appointments there along the previous weeks. Your birth plan should be flexible to contain the sudden choices, and any change in the plan should be permitted as per the circumstances.

As for your home, it should be clean and tidy with super-organized kits, as you will need to relax several days or even weeks after delivery. You can even purchase a baby monitor, new night lights, and a baby care kit at the 35th week, install them, and try them before your baby’s arrival.

If you prefer to spend your labor at home, you should prepare a labor kit including a TENS machine, some paracetamol, and bath oil in addition to your favorite pain relief methods, a birth ball, and a birth pool at the 35th week of your pregnancy. Your partner in addition to the midwife should attend all the stages of your labor to support and encourage you as needed.

Your partner massages your body gently and encourages you to eat useful snacks and drinks at the early stages of labor can provide your body a constant energy. To help your baby move flexibly in the right birth canal, you should stay upright and mobile like the position of hugging or slow dance with your partner, but if you need to lie down and relax, try to rest on the lift side.

35Weeks Pregnant How to Prepare for a Happy and Safe Labor


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