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36 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Gain Before Delivery?

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Are you ready for delivery? Actually, your baby is ready, but his way through your pelvis down to the vagina needs to open and you have to gain energy for these crucial minutes. Here are a few information and tips to help you prepare your body for the delivery.

By the end of the 36th week of your pregnancy, your baby is ready to get out to the world and live as a normal person, as his weight is about 2.6kg and his tall reaches 47cm. Your baby gets rid of the protective substance and downy hair covering his skin, but he may swallow them with the surrounding fluid. In this case, your baby will dismiss such hair and skin substances out of his body throughout his first black and thick poo.

You should visit the midwife weekly starting from the 36th week of your pregnancy to define if your baby’s head reaches your pelvis or it is still in a cephalic position. As your baby is moving down, your midwife will expect the date of your delivery.

Most of your baby’s systems including the immune system, blood circulation, and the respiratory apparatus are ready to function perfectly by the end of the 36th week of your pregnancy, but the digestive system will need several months after his birth to deal with the solids. His bones are already hardened except for the top of the skull to protect his brain during his birth.

Your baby’s movements now are down your tummy; so, you can breathe and eat freely, but if you notice a real problem with his movements, contact directly with your doctor or midwife.

Waiting a long time for your baby’s arrival may let you nervous and anxious most of the time; so, you need to energize yourself at the morning and relax at the afternoon or evening. If you need to revive your energy before birth, you can try the water therapy placing your feet in warm water for about a minute and turn it suddenly to the cold water directly.

Instead, you can choose a suitable body brush and rub your body from the feet up to your heart to boost your blood circulation. Along with such gentle exercises, you should you need to see the sunrays for about 30 minutes daily to support your immune system and activate vitamin D under your skin.

36Weeks Pregnant What You Need to Gain Before Delivery


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