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6 Weeks Pregnant: Major developments and Exciting Events

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It is a joyful experience to feel that a new life is developing inside you and that you can affect such a newly formed baby with your voice and touch. You and your husband can tell your relative about the coming member to your family and plan for the necessary changes in your home and life. Let’s read the full article and get an accurate view of the sixth week of pregnancy.

The rapid development of your baby’s growth at the sixth week is an exciting event, as you wish to have a home scan and see your baby every minute. In this exciting week, the doctor will discover if you have one, twins, or more kids, but your chance to have twins is just three percent. Your likelihood to have twins will be higher if you or one of your near relatives has twins before or if you conceive with a medical assistance.

Going inside your stomach, you will find your baby at the size of a lentil, but the small details of his\ her faceincluding the eyes, mouth, ears, and nose are developing. The heart beats at the sixth week from 100 to 160 times to pump blood into this small body and the brain, bones, and muscles continue their rapid formation.

As a reaction to such rapid developments, your mood and emotions will change suddenly without reasons. The spotting or slight bleedingcan be normal symptoms at this sixth week, but you should call your doctor if this happens rapidly or if they are accompanied by severe pain. Your blood pressure will be lower at this week; so, you may suffer from dizziness and light head for a longer time.

The raw, refrigerated, unpasteurized, or undercooked food isn’t suitable option during pregnancy, as they have oxidants and bacteria that will harm your baby or increase your stomach pain. To help your baby grow safely, try to avoid the picnic food that spend two hours out of the refrigerator, the unwashed food, and the unheated leftovers.

Instead, try to choose the healthy, clean and balanced food for your daily regime and to drink too much water, especially in summer. To reduce stress and changing mood, try to expose to the fresh air, sunlight, and cheerful views. Actually, the sunlight will activate vitamin D into your body and strength the bones of your coming baby and your bones and teeth.

6 Weeks Pregnant Major developments and Exciting Events


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