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Effective and Safe Non-Hormonal Methods to Control Birth

The hormonal contraceptives or fertility controllers are artificial hormones that can prevent fertilizing and implantation of eggs. The main function of such hormonal contraceptives will produce thick cervical mucus to reduce the ability of sperm to reach fallopian tube and fertilize the egg. However, using such contraceptives for more than two years will increase the risk of breast cancer, especially if you have genetic susceptibility for the disease. If so, you should find safe and effective non-hormonal alternatives.

The T-shaped intrauterine contraceptive device with a copper wire can destroy the sperm safely without changing the hormones of your body and help you control birth for about five years. In some cases, the intrauterine contraceptive device can make your period heavier or even cause irregular bleeding for certain women; so, you should consult a doctor if you find any of these side effects.

If you already have enough kids and need a permanent birth control method, the tubal ligation will be a suitable option. This method disconnects the two fallopian tubes from the uterus and you may not be able to give birth again.

For a temporary birth control method, the contraceptive sponge along with male condom will provide you 12hours protection with just 2% failure rate. Instead, you can use a silicon lea contraceptive along with a spermicide for eight hours protection and 9% failure rate.

If you didn’t give birth before, the silicon cervical cap will be a safe and effective temporary birth control method, but if you did, the failure rate can range between 26 and 40%. The safest birth control methods for women who give birth before are the progestin methods, but it should be under medical observation to avoid its dangers. The female condom and latex diaphragm will provide you 5% failure rate only if you can insert it correctly, but it can be an expensive option.

Such traditional birth control methods tend to destroy the sperm before they reach the egg, but you may monitor your menstrual cycle and miss the days of fertilizing to avoid pregnancy. For this, you can install a fertility monitor app to your smart phone or purchase a suitable kit to use at home. The accurate calculations in addition to monitoring the cervical fluid and temperature will provide you 98% effectiveness, but you should be constant all of the time. Just try such non-hormonal methods to avoid the dangers of oral birth control pills.

Safe Non-Hormonal Methods to Control Birth


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