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First Two Weeks Pregnant, Early Signs of Pregnancy You Cannot Ignore

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Are you dying to discover if you are pregnant this month or not? There are a few signs and symptoms that can tell you the truth before you take a pregnancy test. If you need to know how, keep reading the full article and enjoy.

Starting from the first week of pregnancy, your body will experience serious changes because of the formation of your baby’s heart, brain, and spine, but you will hardly feel any of these changes. At this stage, you may feel one or more of pregnancy symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, unusual and regular need to urinate,tenderness of breasts, darkening around the areolas, sudden exhausting, backache, headache, spotting, food carving, bloating, cramping, change in basal body temperature, dizziness, or fainting.

As a result to such symptoms, you will experience an eager need to rest and sleep along with a confused mood and mixed emotions. In short, you will say goodbye to the menstrual period and welcome to the unexpected changes in your body andlife. In certain cases, the first two weeks are calculated within the 40 pregnancy weeks, but you are not actually pregnant; so, you may not experience such early pregnancy signs.

In this stage, your baby- who is called an embryo- consists of three separate layers. The internal layer is the base of hisrespiratory tract and digestive system, the middle layer is the base of his bones, muscles, inner skin layer, circulatory system, excretory system, and genitalia, and the outer layer forms the brain, nervous system, and epidermis.

You will hardly feel these changes, but the basal temperature of your body will rise slightly and the texture and consistency of your vaginal discharge will change from raw egg-like texture to a cloudy and thick discharge. When you miss the next period or do a home or blood test, you will make sure you are on the first step of the hard, yet enjoying motherhood journey.

Whenever you feel the first signs of pregnancy, you should take prenatal vitamins and minerals in addition to 400 micrograms of folic acid every day. Beside such supplements, you should have a balanced diet, do slight exercises, and avoid any sort of stress, bad habits, and medications until you consult a doctor. Now, you should see a doctor to register you with your area’s maternity services and tell you regular and authentic information about your pregnancy.

First Two Weeks Pregnant, Early Signs of Pregnancy You Cannot Ignore


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