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Facts you Need to Know About Losing the Baby Weight

Losing the baby weight presents a nightmare for many women. They want to lose the baby weight as fast as possible and get their previous figure back which is somewhat a challenge. You can lose baby weight if you follow a proper losing weight plan, but first, there are some main points which you should know before starting you weigh loss plan.

The average woman gains more than 25 pounds during her pregnancy. The process of childbirth may lead to you to lose about 14 pounds, so there is still reasonable weight new moms need to lose. It is recommended to start a weight loss program after the birth of your baby. A low-fat diet should be combined with light exercises to achieve a proper weight loss. Your doctor will tell when you are able to start doing exercises which will not be before 4- 6 weeks after giving birth, while women who gave birth by c-section ought to start exercising after at least 2 months.

Exercising during the post-partum period will not only accelerate weight loss but also will relieve post-partum depression, enhance your mood, and increase your confidence. Consider joining a mommy and me group to be able to exercise with your baby. In addition to the gym, swimming is very effective for new mothers and your baby will love it too.

Breastfeeding can greatly help you in losing baby weight quickly as it uses up fat stores in the body and burns up to 500 calories every day. Don’t depend only on breastfeeding to help you lose weight; a balanced diet should be followed. Have a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, sources of lean protein and whole grain. Consume foods that are low-fat, vitamin rich and high-fiber.

A very important procedure to take during loosing baby weight is to set real weight-loss goals. Having an exact goal that you are trying to achieve will give you a big motivation to keep on you plan and encourage you to stick to your goal. A healthy rate of weight loss is between 1-2 pounds every week, so don’t go overboard while setting you weight-loss goals.

The secret in losing baby weight relies in following a balanced diet and doing the proper exercises. Don’t think that it is an easy task; you have gained your excess weight in nine month so it will take time to lose it.

Facts you Need to Know About Losing the Baby Weight


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