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What herbal teas to avoid during pregnancy?

Herbs are known to be beneficial for one’s health .herbal tea products are found everywhere with a huge variety of types and flavors, but is every type safe for you if you are pregnant? if you want to know which herbal teas to avoid read the article below..

1 – Parsley tea
This herbal tea is very dangerous for pregnant women as it can lead to miscarriage .this is due to the stimulation of blood flow towards the cervix and uterus which ends in muscle contraction .It can also lead to several allergic reactions to the mucous membrane.

2 – Chamomile Tea

This type of tea is popular because of its unique flavor. The excessive consumption of this tea causes contraction of uterus which in result may lead to miscarriage. women who drink a lot of chamomile tea can suffer from symptoms of premature labor, which means uterine contracts more than 4 times in an hour.

3 – Lemongrass Tea

although people think of it as a detox tea it shouldn’t be used at all during pregnancy because it has reverse effects on body .this herb might actually give rise to toxic effects instead of getting rid of it. Moreover ,the baby will have problems while developing due to a chemical called beta-myrcene present in the herb. Your baby might also be born underweight or with birth defects if you have consumed lemongrass tea excessively during pregnancy..

when you start breastfeeding your baby you shouldn’t also consume this type of tea as it can be harmful to your child . if you are using medications for your blood pressure you should also avoid this herbal tea . the reason behind that is that it interferes with other medicines and your blood pressure might fall much below normal levels. moreover if you are diabetic , then this tea isn’t for you . when your blood glucose level is high.

you have to be cautious while using any dosage of insulin or any other types of medication for diabetes and thyroid gland disorders. If you consume large amounts of this tea you are at risk of hypoglycemia. This herb should be totally avoided during and after pregnancy as its not suitable at all for women in this phase . rinking too much of lemongrass tea can lead to severe complications in kidney and liver of expectant mothers.

What herbal teas to avoid during pregnancy


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