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Get Rid of Blisters Forever with These 5 Natural Remedies

Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes and after wearing them for the first few days, felt an excruciating pain in your toes and found small unsightly bubble-looking things on them? These pus-filled cysts are called blisters and they happen due to the skin damage that results of the friction between your skin and the rough surface of your shoes. Here, we will help you get rid of blisters forever with a few natural remedies.

1- The cyst forming a blister is sometimes big and too persistent. It stays filled with puss and continues causing pain. Therefore you might need to drain it if it is not drained on its own in a few days. Sterilize a needle with some alcohol or boiling water and pop the cyst to drain it. Then sterilize the blister using a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and rub it afterwards with tea tree oil.

2- The swelling and pain of blisters can be reduced and treated greatly with ice. Use an ice pack or ice cubes and rub them gently on your blisters.

3- Aloe Vera has natural healing, anti-microbic and antifungal properties. Just take an aloe Vera leave and remove the surface skin and apply the flesh directly on your blisters.

4- Protecting your skin contributes a lot to the treatment of blisters. So, eliminate the friction that has caused the blisters in the first place by rubbing your blisters with an antibacterial and an antiviral agent before bandaging the place of the blister.

5- Drying the place where the blister is can also help a lot in treatment of blisters. Soak your affected areas in some water with Epsom salt or tea tree oil. Let it set for a few moments then dry gently with a cotton cloth.

Get Rid of Blisters Forever with These 5 Natural Remedies


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