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Make Your Heels Soft and Crack-less with These 5 Natural Remedies

Have you ever wondered why your heels are the driest part of your body? Heels are the only area of the human body that doesn’t have sebaceous glands that produce sebum, which is a natural oil that moisturizes our skin. There are only sweat glands there that try to moisturize the skin through secretion of sweat which might not be enough. The result in this case is an overly dry skin that can develop cracks. However, there are several treatments you can apply to make your heels soft and crack-less.

1- Warm water, salt soak and pumice stone. Soaking tour feet in warm water (as warm as you could endure) will make the thick rough skin of your heels tender to the point you can get rid of this outer layer by rubbing your heels gently with a pumice stone.

2- Lemon juice is a natural peeler. The acidity in lemon juice can help at softening the rough skin of your feet and making it easy to scrub. Rub your heels with some lemon juice and put your feet up for a few minutes then use a “Scrub Daddy” to scrub your heels before washing your feet with warm water.

3- Vinegar is another natural peeler for dry skin. Follow the instructions we have said in point 2 to peel the dry skin using vinegar.

4- You can use things other than salt for soaking your feet in water. For example, adding baking soda, Epsom salt, or even the lemon juice and vinegar we have just mentioned can help in making the skin of your heels soft.

5- Moisturization is an integral part of the process of treatment of dry cracked heels. After applying any of the remedies we have listed before, make sure you moisturize your heels. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, sesame seed oil or castor oil. You can even use Vaseline or a little bit of shortening. After moisturizing your heels, wear socks to retain moisture inside your feet and make sure the lubrication is not wiped off.

Heels Soft and Crack-less with These 5 Natural Remedies


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