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Natural Home Remedies for Hair Removal

Your skin is a very tender and sensitive part of your body and you should be so careful when you deal with it especially when it comes to using some products like hair removal creams, these products as you know can cause irritation or allergic reactions, so what about using some natural hair removal remedies? You want to know how? The answer is in your kitchen, so let’s start searching.

Search for some turmeric in your kitchen then make this mix, mix two table spoons of turmeric with water or milk until they become a thick paste and then apply it on the area where you want to remove the hair from, leave this mix for about 15 to 20 minutes until you feel that the mix is dried up, then you can wash your skin with warm water. This mix is perfect for thin or fine hair, but if you want to remove thick hair you will need to add some yogurt or rice flour to the mix.

Looking for natural wax, this one is the answer, mix one table spoon of sugar, honey and lemon, put the mix in a metal bowl or a pan then heat it in double boiler to prevent burning it, dissolve the mix until it looks like wax paste. If the mix looked thick, you can reduce the thickness by adding some water and if it looked thin add some cornstarch to make it thicker. Now, Let the mix cool down and then apply it on your skin in the direction of the hair using a wooden spoon or hair removing spatula, wait until it harden and then rip it off, you can use cotton strips like the one you use with wax to remove it.

Prepare an egg, half table spoon of cornstarch and one tablespoon of sugar, bring a bowl, crack the egg and mix the egg white with the other ingredient I mentioned, make sure the mix becomes a thick and smooth paste and then apply it on the area where you want to remove the hair from, wait for about 20 to 25 minutes and then peel the mix off.

This one is very popular, you will need white pepper, camphor and almond oil, grind the white pepper until it becomes fine powder, mix the white pepper powder with the camphor and make sure to add equal part of each, now add some drops of almond oil to the mix, apply this mix on your skin and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes and then you can wash it off.

The amounts of each ingredient will be up to you, for example if you want bigger amounts you can increase the number of the spoons or the amounts that you use to make the mix. One more thing, if you have any concerns or worries, try any of the mixes on small part of your skin first to grantee your safety.

Natural Home Remedies for Hair Removal


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