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5 must know facts about underarm rash

Our underarms along with sensitive areas are the most vulnerable places in our body. They are easily irritated as they are dark, moist and warm. This is why we need to take extra care with our underarms to avoid getting rashes. So here are some simple facts about underarm rash:

1. What causes heat rashes?
Heat rashes are painful, itchy and irritating. So what exactly causes us to have a heat rash? A heat rash is caused mainly by a blocked sweat duct. There is a number of things that may cause a sweat duct to be blocked like ingrown hair or pore blockage. Pore blockage could be the result of accumulating dirt and sweat that led to white heads or black heads even. To avoid pore blockage we should abstain from using clogging powders and creams and clean up the area frequently.

2. Razors
Underarms are relatively sensitive and sometimes an unwanted rash is caused by razors. Razors are efficient in removing underarm hair but scraping the area multiple times can cause underarm rash. Not only will it cause a red rash with small bumps, but it could also lead to darkening the skin color. Trade razors for hair removal creams or the most convenient method for you.

3. Irritants and allergens
There are multiple things that could cause irritation or allergy to the underarm skin. For instance the deodorant or perfume you use, the body cream, the hair removal process and even the detergent you use for your clothes. Be careful to know your allergies to avoid getting underarm rash.

4. Warmth, friction and moist
Warmth, friction and moist is the perfect environment for growing bacteria that damages the skin. The warmth of our bodies, the friction of movement and clothing and the moist of sweat make it easier to develop inflammations and irritation. Stay away from heat and humidity, wear loose clothes to avoid friction and clean up frequently to avoid underarm rash.

5. Remedy
So how can I get relief? Underarm rash can be cured with an anti-rash cream or calamine lotion. If you are looking for an organic solution, try an oatmeal bath soak or apply some Aloe Vera gel. Also you can use lemon on the underarm area on a daily basis and it will lessen the chances of developing any underarm rashes. Baking soda, ice and coconut oil are all popular remedies for underarm rash as well.

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