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Skin care Tips to Look Good in Your 30s

In the early thirties, our skin and body face a large change. Our facial features become more defined, our skin less firm and our body harder to maintain. The negative effects that our skin has got from sun exposure are starting to show in this phase. You can recognize the show of faint fine lines, discoloration, and wrinkles. But the most disturbing feature is “adult acne” and it appears because of hormone changes in the body which mostly happen at the age of thirty. And there are some main factors that can increase the problem such as smoking, tanning, drinking, eating unhealthy foods and not exercising. In addition to avoiding these habits, there are some tips for skin care which can make you look great in your thirties.

• Hydrate the skin from inside by drinking lots of water. Try to drink few amounts of water-based products as it can age the skin. Always moisturize your skin with moisturizing creams.

• Make it a habit to clean your face twice a day. Cleansing your skin will reduce the dead skin cells on the surface making the skin look fresher and less dull. Remove your make-up before going to sleep and apply eye cream. In the morning, put moisturizer and sunblock before going out.

• Do a regular exfoliating as it is good for renewing the skin and will help in reducing visible discoloration and fine lines.

• Using sun cream is a must. Apply sun cream to your skin on a daily basis to protect your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Use your sun cream even of the weather is not sunny to prevent premature aging.

• Practice regular exercises will keep the body and skin firm. Moreover, exercises help in promoting blood circulation and preventing the skin from sagging. You can also do yoga or breathing exercises as it will get you rid of any negative energy or stress. Remember stress is the first reason of premature aging.

• Get monthly facials to keep the skin clean and refreshed. And consider visiting your dermatologist one time a year for a full body scan to check for any signs of precancerous cells. Your daily skin care products must include a perfect eye cream for day and night, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Ask your dermatologist about the products you should use. Never use a cleanser that doesn’t contain alpha or beta hydroxyl, as these will promote cell renewal.

Skin care Tips to Look Good in Your 30s


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