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Stunning and Natural Skin Care Tips

Nature is the best cosmetic shop you can visit; it has all the safe and effective ingredients, foods and remedies that will match all skin types. So, let’s start our journey with the best and natural skin care tips. Let’s start with aloe Vera, it’s a great natural moisturizer to use on your face and it’s the best in removing deed skin, simply get an aloe Vera leave and peel it then grind it and apply it on your face and watch the magic, just be careful some skin types are sensitive to aloe Vera, so ask your doctor if it’s good for you and stop using it if you notice any irritation or redness.

If you are looking for some easy and natural scrub that you can do at home, mix some olive oil with couple table spoons of brown sugar, apply it on your body in circular motion before shower and you will notice how amazing and glowing your skin will be.

Garlic lovers, you will love this one, as studies showed that people who love cooking with garlic look younger than people who don’t, I think you may consider adding some garlic to your cook from now on. There is no doubt that the healthy and balanced diet is always the key to have healthy skin and there are some certain foods that can help you to reach that goal easily.

Foods like orange, kiwi, lemon, tomatoes and pepper which are rich with vitamin C that improves the collagen production and we all know the strong friendship between collagen and skin, for sure we are talking about many benefits like, firm, smooth, healthy, glowing and strong skin.

If you are looking for more benefits, think about eating some foods that is rich with antioxidants and fatty acids like fish and olive oil. Vitamin A is very important for your skin’s beauty and you can find it in some foods like yogurt and milk which will provide you with calcium as well if you are looking for stronger bones.

Let’s now move to digestion, what? Yes you are still reading the skin care article, but good digestion will help you to avoid some skin problems like boils and if you want a good way to improve your digestion, drink enough water not less than 6 to 8 glasses daily.

Water will also keep your body hydrated and it will flush all the toxins out which will lead to moisturized skin look, less wrinkles and less lines, forever young is possible with water. It’s the best solution to the dry skin problem, because the skin dryness comes from less water and not less oils.

Quit all the bad habits like smoking, drinking lots of coffee and eating junk and sugary foods. They do NO good to your health or your skin. Do some exercises like walking, running or even cyclying, exercises will flush the toxins out, keep the stress away and you will see that your skin will look younger and more radiant. Speaking of exercises, if you sweat heavily during your exercise, make sure to pat your sweat to avoid closing your face pores which may lead to acnes and pimples.

Look at your hands and think about how much germs and bacteria it may be holding and don’t put it on your face please, it will move all these things to you face’s skin and cause you lots of trouble, the cell phone isn’t an exception, try to use headphone and keep the cell phone away from your face.

Avoid the long and hot bathes, because they absorb the natural skin oils which may lead to dry skin problems. Keep your face clean all the time and choose good cleansers and toners to keep it clean and glowing. Use good moisturizer and apply it after shower as it’s the best time to get the best benefits of the moisturizer. The solutions to all your skin problems are right in front of you, so it’s time to start using them.

Stunning and Natural Skin Care Tips


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