Monday , September 24 2018

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18 Weeks Pregnant The Beginning of Your Tummy Growing

18 Weeks Pregnant: The Beginning of Your Tummy Growing

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator Although every baby develops differently, your baby is certainly a complete human being with most of his\her body systems are ready for functioning. If you are a one-trimester or two-trimester pregnant, you will experience strange symptoms and exciting developments you have ever seen. Here are a few symptoms and to-do tips to help you understand your body during the 18th week of your pregnancy. Your twelve centimeters and 190 or 200 gram-baby is still kicking, twisting, and rolling inside your small tummy, but such activities can be clear enough to wake you up from your relaxing nap. He\she is developing more human skills such as yawning and hiccupping and you can detect such expressions through the …

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