30 Weeks Pregnant

  • 30 Weeks Pregnant
    30Weeks Pregnancy Contrasting Symptoms You Will Never Understand

    30 Weeks Pregnant: Contrasting Symptoms You Will Never Understand

    Pregnancy Due Date Calculator The last stage of your pregnancy is full of contrasts due to your baby’s large size inside your womb and your personal need for rest. The 30th week in particular can be boring but the idea of hugging and touching your baby soon should let you excited. This article will help you combat such confusing elements and keep your pregnancy safe and healthy. Your baby’ development in function and long will slow down, but he will double his weight rapidly during the coming few weeks. He weights now about 1.3kg and can open and close his eyes freely and see what is going on around him. However, your baby will see just 20 or 30cm distance…

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