31 weeks pregnant inside the womb

  • 31 Weeks Pregnant
    31 Weeks Pregnant Explore Your Baby's World inside Your Womb

    31 Weeks Pregnant: Explore Your Baby’s World inside Your Womb

    Pregnancy Due Date Calculator 31 Weeks Pregnant, Are you tired most of the day and need a few comforting tips for you and safety tips for your baby? Actually, your baby is safe, as you visit the doctor periodically, have balanced and healthy food and get your nutritional supplements in time, but you need to relax and eat small portions of food several times a day. If you can see your baby clearly at the 31st week of your pregnancy, you will notice he look exactly like the newborn baby, but he is still 1.5 kg. As he will grow rapidly from now on, the type and rhythm of his movements will change whenever your womb gets tight. For example,…

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