Acnes and Pimples

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    Toothpastes Treat Acnes and Pimples For Real

    Can Toothpastes Treat Acnes and Pimples For Real?

    We are all familiar with waking up on a day with a big event, look in the mirror and find that large ugly red pimple saying hi to you. Yikes. What could be even worse is not having any acne spot cream at hand. Hearing rumors that a dot of toothpaste can clear away those annoying suckers up in just a few seconds, would you give it a try? We all heard this tip before but does it really work or you will just be getting your hopes up? Can Toothpaste Treat Acnes? It turns out that people used to use toothpaste as an acne treatment and they even found it to be effective because many toothpastes contained an ingredient…

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