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    The Interaction Between Grapefruit and Metformin (antidiabetic).

    The Interaction Between Grapefruit and Metformin (antidiabetic)

    Metformin is sold with the name Glucophage and it is an oral prescribed antidiabetic that helps to keep the blood sugar levels in check. Metformin can be used by itself or along with other types of medications to treat type2 diabetes. Metformin helps reducing blood sugar levels by reducing the amount of glucose you absorb from your food and the amount of glucose your liver produces. Eating grapefruits could interfere seriously with certain types of medications, but does grapefruit interfere with the absorption of metformin? No Reported grapefruit Interaction with Metformin Some chemicals found in fresh grapefruits or the products containing grapefruits can interact with the absorption and metabolizing of certain drugs leading to concentrated levels of the drug in…

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