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  • Pregnant Women
    Back Pain Resulting From Carrying Your New Baby

    How To Relieve Back Pain Resulting From Carrying Your New Baby

    Being a new parent brings new experiences like frequent diapers​ changes and waking up through the night several times for feeding the baby. Physical changes also occur like intense fatigue from breastfeeding the back pain that happens as result of being physically unprepared for carrying a baby for long periods. Back pain is a very common complaint for new mothers and fathers. Knowing the right way to hold your baby and following certain tips can reduce the pain and prevent any future back pain resulting from carrying your baby. – Tips To Relieving Your Pain. 1- Pain Killers. Mild or moderate back pain can be alleviated with over-the-counter pain killers like ibuprofen, if the back doesn’t improve talk to your…

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  • Healthcare
    Daily Habits Setting You For Back Pain.

    Daily Habits Setting You For Back Pain

    Back pain is the most leading cause of hospitalization and third most leading cause for surgery, indeed back pain is one of the most common reasons patients visit doctors. Over 56% of back pain patients say that the pain disrupt their ability to carry on their daily responsibilities. There are many causes of back pain and in general it is not just one event causing back pain but several situations combined together lead to back pain. And it turns out that many of our everyday seemingly insignificant habits can contribute seriously to back pain over time. Here are the most common daily habits that are causing your back pain. 1- Prolonged Sitting. Sitting put more pressure on your spine by…

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