Monday , September 24 2018

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Rose Water, a New Beauty Secret

Rose Water, a New Beauty Secret to Be Revealed

Everything is beautiful about roses, their smell, colors, etc and rose water is another reason that will make you love roses even much more than you already do. Rose water holds many beauty secrets to your skin, interested to know more? For sure you care about your skin PH levels and you want to maintain its balance, the good news is that rose water does great job when it comes to preserving your PH balances. Sensitive skin people, this one is for you, rose water has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that will end your suffering with irritation, redness, acne and even sun burns. We all look for a fast healing thing to our cuts and wounds and the surprise is rose …

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Coconut Oil as the Secret of Beauty

Surprising Reasons to Consider the Coconut Oil as the Secret of Beauty

The coconut oil is a perfect moisturizer with natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that can penetrate perfectly into your hair and skin. For these reasons, the coconut oil is a key ingredient in most of the beauty products, but the real benefits of such an ingredient will certainly surprise you. Do you believe that a few drops of coconut oil can serve as a makeup remover, lice remedy, dandruff treatment, hair conditioner, massage oil, whitening toothpaste, body scrub and body oil? Actually, it’s hard to define what coconut oil can’t do for your skin and hair, but you can purchase a jar to use as a breath freshener, makeup brushes cleaner, and frizz tamer. If you need a home deodorant, …

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