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Breastfeeding Leave The Mother Always Exhausted

Can Breastfeeding Leave The Mother Always Exhausted?

Being a mother, especially to a new born infant can be exhausting and tiring no doubt about that. Feeling tired all the time and lacking energy is a common complaint for breastfeeding mothers assuming that breastfeeding is to be blamed for the intense fatigue they are experiencing but is there any truth to that? Well the benefits of breast feeding for the mother and the baby certainly outweighs the disadvantages, breast milk is the best choice for the infant and the mother, the tiredness that can be associated with breastfeeding is a result of the physical act, but while breastfeeding can be stressful and requires commitment and patience, there are some steps that you can apply to your life and …

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Five Reasons Your Period Is Irregular other than Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

Five Reasons Your Period Is Irregular other than Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Whether you just started your period a few years ago or you have been having it for some years now, irregular or absent period can be really stressful and concerning, your mind may immediately think of pregnancy (if you are sexually active) or you may start thinking that you are dealing with a certain health condition that needs to be discovered and treated. Actually a regular period is a good sign that things are going well with your body and irregular or absent periods can indicate an underlying health condition so you never should ignore the situation. Here is a list of the most common possibilities why your period is irregular. 1- You Just Started Your Period In The Last …

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Can Breastfeeding Moms Drink Caffeinated Beverages

Can Breastfeeding Moms Drink Caffeinated Beverages?

You probably kept your caffeine intake to the minimum while you were still pregnant. Now that you have delivered your baby and having to wake up frequent times through the night and obviously having less sleep than usual, you may be wondering if you should continue with this habit of limiting your caffeine intake while nursing your baby. While you won’t have to keep your caffeine intake highly restricted like when you were pregnant, you must be watching out how much caffeine and at what times you are consuming. Caffeine can go through your breast milk to your little one and negatively affect your little one, know in what ways caffeine can harm your baby will help you to accept …

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