Tuesday , August 21 2018

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Natural Remedies to Treat Excessive Mucus

5 Easy and Natural Remedies to Treat Excessive Mucus

Excessive production of mucus can be due to a lot of reasons. However, it is usually a sign of a health problem, such as respiratory infections like the flu, or an allergy like hay fever. It can also be a symptom of the negative repercussions of smoking. The first step in treating excessive production of mucus is eliminating its cause. After that, you can try some of the following natural homemade treatments: 1- Black pepper, honey and ginger drink. Boil a glass of water to which you added half a teaspoon of ginger and a sprinkle of black pepper. Keep boiling for a few minutes before turning off the flame. Sweeten it with some honey and drink it twice a …

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