Safe Non-Hormonal Methods

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    Safe Non-Hormonal Methods to Control Birth

    Effective and Safe Non-Hormonal Methods to Control Birth

    The hormonal contraceptives or fertility controllers are artificial hormones that can prevent fertilizing and implantation of eggs. The main function of such hormonal contraceptives will produce thick cervical mucus to reduce the ability of sperm to reach fallopian tube and fertilize the egg. However, using such contraceptives for more than two years will increase the risk of breast cancer, especially if you have genetic susceptibility for the disease. If so, you should find safe and effective non-hormonal alternatives. The T-shaped intrauterine contraceptive device with a copper wire can destroy the sperm safely without changing the hormones of your body and help you control birth for about five years. In some cases, the intrauterine contraceptive device can make your period heavier…

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