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    Ways To Sooth Sore Throat and Swallow Easier

    6 Ways To Sooth Sore Throat and Swallow Easier

    We can just sometimes wake up in the morning with sore throat regardless to the season. Swallowing is usually the annoying part of sore throat and when saltwater and OTC meds fail to sooth your throat and make swallowing easier, you should try something different. Here are some sworn by home remedies to sooth sore throat and ease the pain while swallowing. 1- Licorice. Sucking on licorice can help sooth a painful throat, it can also help ease cough and reduce those annoying tickles in your airways, whole sucking on licorice sip on warm water to boost the effect. 2- Sage. Steep some dried sage leaves in a cup of boiled water and cover for ten minutes then sip while…

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