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What are the Vitamins That Promote Hair Growth

What are the Vitamins That Promote Hair Growth?

There are Vitamins which are very important for hair growth. There are a few essential vitamins that must be included in your diet to keep your hair healthy. Read the article below to learn more information about them. Vitamins B2 ,B6,B9,B10 Vitamin B6 is essential for your hair because it stops it from falling.the daily dosage of B2 is 2 mg per day . these foods are rich in vitamin B2 dairy products, eggs, bread, and meat.if you want to prevent your hair from breaking easily or becoming gray , you must consume enough amounts of B3.its found in grains, beer yeast, peanut, fish, liver and beef To prevent an itchy scalp or the formation of dandruff you should also …

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