Saturday , July 21 2018

White discharges during pregnancy : Tag

White discharges during pregnancy, is it worrying The answer is here

White discharges during pregnancy, is it worrying? The answer is here

Pregnancy is something that doesn’t happen to you like everyday; it’s just a stage that lasts only for couple of months till your miracle comes safely to our world. During this time your body undergoes many changes that will sound wired and weird changes in pregnancy don’t present dangerous possibilities in all cases, like white discharges for example. Yes, white discharges are something normal that happen to pregnant women for some reasons, so let’s find out more about it. White discharges happen due to the hormonal changes and the increased blood circulation in the vaginal area that occur during pregnancy time. The white discharges are known by the name, leucorrhea as well, they are secreted from the cervix and vagina. …

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