These 5 Foods Are So Healthy but They Can Totally Ruin Your Diet

According to the latest statistics, over half of the population of the earth suffers from being overweight. So, it is to be expected to see articles, ads and programs talking about the latest fads in losing weight. One way in losing weight I personally support is going healthy and giving up processed foods and junk foods. Nevertheless, even healthy foods have some items that can make you gain weight. Here are some of these foods:

1- Nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are so rich in vitamins and nutrients that some doctors recommend having them rather than supplements and multivitamins. However, they are one of the richest foods in calories ever. Your daily intake of nuts and seeds shouldn’t be more than a fistful, and half of that if you do have a weight gain problem.

2- Coffees. While it is true that coffee is a healthy drink rich in antioxidants, this does not necessarily mean that it is good for losing weight. Coffee is a diuretic and losing water can cause weight gain because of the defensive mechanism your body will apply which is water retention. Besides that, people rarely drink coffee on its own and the things they add to coffee (cream, whole fat milk, creamers, flavors…etc.) load it with calories.

3- Dark Chocolate. Dark chocolate is one of the things people are advised to eat as a dessert (or as a mood booster) when they are trying to lose weight. Well, I won’t argue with you about the necessity of chocolate to our lives or their rich content of antioxidants. I will just tell you that a small 20 grams chocolate cube can give you over 120 calories. Keep that in mind while going through a weight loss diet.

4- Ice Tea. Ice tea, especially green ice tea is one of the healthy drinks recommended for losing weight. However, ice tea is loaded with sugar, almost the same amount of sugar soda beverages have. If you want a healthy metabolism boosting drink for losing weight, make ice tea yourself and sweeten it with stevia.

5- Tuna Salads. Tuna is a very healthy food. So healthy, that it is considered by many to be a super food. If it wasn’t for the mercury, doctors would have recommended eating it daily. However, people usually don’t imagine eating tuna without adding anything to make it more appetizing. With every spoon of mayonnaise you add, you add about more 100 calories to your tuna salad.

Foods Are So Healthy but They Can Totally Ruin Your Diet


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