The Dust In Your House Could Be What To Blame For Your Fat

Get ready for cleaning, after you finish reading about this new research you will get your rubber gloves on. Researchers at Duke University discovered a link between being exposed to certain particles in dust and your body’s tendency for increased fat buildups. So yes your dust house and office could actually be making you fat.

In the study that was published in the Environmental Science & Technology, getting exposed to particles called endocrine disturbing chemicals (EDCs) found in dust can disturb the production of metabolic hormones and encourage the body cells to store more fat.

These EDCs are man-made chemicals that present in everyday household items like food additive, packagings, electronics, makeup, coating on furniture etc.

Previous study found that frequent exposure to EDCs can rise the risk of breast cancer for women, prostate cancer for men and hyperactivity and developmental problems in growing children.

What’s more, this research was the first to analyze the effect of EDCs on influencing the creation of new fat cells. To further study the precedence in house dust, researchers collected dust samples from 11 North Carolina houses and they found 44 different contaminants which was then tested on mice cells to monitor the possible effect on fat buildup in human beings.

The research found the the EDCs found in dust particles triggered the storing of triglyceride fats which are the most common type of fat in the human body and high levels of them can trigger other serious health problems like heart diseases and diabetes.

The bottom line is that, the particles found in house dust triggered the build ups of triglycerides fats and the production of new fat cells.

Out of the 11 house dust samples, 7 house’ dust were found to trigger the reserving of fat cells while the dust in nine houses were found to increase the precursor of fat cells. Only one of the samples was shown to be inactive. That means there’s a very high chance that the dust in your house could be leading you to be fat.

What is more concerning is that, according to the study, very small amounts of dust, as little as 3 micrograms if dust was found to lead to a significant effect and even though this study was made on lap mice, it still wouldn’t hurt to make sure your house dust is always under control.

Blame For Your Fat


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