Learn about the fruit and vegetable diet

Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, minerals and vitamins which are essential to the human body that makes them ideal for weight loss and purifying the body from toxins. Therefore, some people follow fruit and vegetables diet to lose their weight. However, most nutritionists advice not to follow this diet more than three days. Discover more about this diet in the following lines.

It is better to prepare your body for this step so as to prevent any disturbance or discomfort. So, try to avoid certain types of foods before the diet like for example: meat, eggs, fish, caffeine, salt and sugars.

You can choose any kind of vegetables and fruits to eat them during the diet and the changing of them is very important and helps in losing weight. However, it’s preferable to choose tomatoes, cucumber, avocados, carrots, zucchini, asparagus, melons, berries and grapes instead of bananas, potatoes and corn which may increase the sugar levels in the body.

Who said that you should only eat raw vegetables and fruits during the diet? Some types of vegetables keep its nutrient elements after being cooked. Steam cooking and high temperatures are the most appropriate ways for cooking foods without losing their nutritional benefits.

Have a cocktail of raspberry, mango, banana, avocado and some green mint leaves as a healthy breakfast. At lunch, you can prepare salad made with several kinds of vegetable with a small amount of olive oil. Make sure to wash the vegetables well.

To maintain satiety between lunch and dinner you could eat a small amount of sweet potatoes. Finally, dinner could include any kind of raw fruits or boiled vegetables.

fruit and vegetable diet


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