How To Lose Weight

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  • How to beat heartburn effectively

    How to beat heartburn effectively

    Heartburn usually occurs after a meal causing real discomfort. It results in feeling a sour taste that linger at the rear of your throat which results in burning feeling in the chest. Using drugs to treat heartburn like proton pump Inhibitors may have side effects like irritable bowel diseases, pneumonia, vitamin B 12 deficiency, food allergies and even gastric cancer. Thus, try to use any of the following healthy ways for treating heartburn. –Almonds: They are excellent for digestion as they are rich in oil. You can have a bag of almonds with you to have them as a snack after heavy meals that may cause heart burn. –Vinegar: Although vinegar couldn’t prevent acid reflux from occurring, but it can…

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  • losing weight has never been easier

    With these ways, losing weight has never been easier

    Do you suffer from obesity and you are looking for the best ways to help you lose weight? Although women always think that losing weight is very difficult, but there are some easy ways which you can adopt to lose weight and they are numerous. Here are the best of these ways and the most important of them. –Drink water and other drinks. Several studies suggest that green tea boosts metabolism as it contains antioxidants. Also, drinking water is very important for burning calories. Therefore, you should make sure to drink the necessary amount of water during the day. On the other hand, you should avoid drinks that are high in calories and sugar. –Avoid salt: Sodium contributes to water…

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  • Bypass Surgery

    4 Things Weight loss Doctors Usually Don’t Tell You About Bypass Surgery

    Many People believe that weight loss surgery is the magical answer to all their obesity-related problems. Why not when they see others who were a few months ago over hundred something kilograms look now like TV stars and famous models. However, weight loss surgeries are a drastic measure that shouldn’t be sought unless extremely necessary, and doctors hide some facts regarding it, such as: 1. You might develop a case of depression after the surgery. Although obesity is one of the reasons why people get depressed, treating it with an extreme method like a weight loss surgery doesn’t guarantee treatment of depression. Depression in many people who had a weight loss surgery was found to worsen after the surgery. 2.…

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  • Meditation and Losing Weight

    Magical Facts about Meditation and Losing Weight

    We all know the meaning of losing weight, but what about meditation and what is the link between both of them? Our lives became so busy and crowded and we consequently became so stressed and nervous, we don’t even mention why we eat or what we eat, are we really hungry or are we eating a healthy food? Meditation helps us to realize the right and healthy answers to these questions; simply it’s a state of awareness. Ok, let me now tell you how it works with losing weight, we know that most of the processes that happen in our bodies are controlled by certain hormones, feeling stressed and anxious makes our bodies release hormones like, cortisol and guess what?…

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  • Fruit for burning belly fat

    Fruit for burning belly fat

    Many women face the problem of excess weight and fat accumulation in the body, especially in the abdominal area. There is no doubt that the accumulation of fat in this area causes disturbance and embarrassment for women and prevents them from wearing tight clothes in particular. So, to get rid of this problem we will help you to know what are the fruit that have a magical effect on losing belly fat through the following lines below. Avocado: Avocado contains a high proportion of beneficial fatty acids and nutrients for your body. Therefore, it is considered one of the most important foods for burning fat and turning it into energy. As a result, it promotes metabolism in the body. Moreover,…

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  • Myths Most People Believe about Flattening the Belly Area

    4 Myths Most People Believe about Flattening the Belly Area

    Weight-loss industry – the industry that depends on selling weight-loss programs, workout programs, diets, gadgets and machines, supplements and pills – is one of the biggest industries in the world. And to keep this industry big and profitable, its leaders try to promote some false facts regarding losing weight and getting a flat belly, such as: 1- Exercises for the belly area flatten the belly areas. Even if you are exercising a certain part of your body, you will lose fat from all parts of your body. Moreover, exercising without following a healthy diet will yield no results. So, do not be so enthusiastic about stomach crunches and think that they alone will flatten your tummy. 2- Eating very little…

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  • Foods for Faster Weight Loss

    Super Foods for Faster Weight Loss

    Superman is a fairy tale, but not every super is fairy, this is real there are some super foods that will help you to lose weight faster. The first super hero on the list is the green tea; thanks to the antioxidant that the green tea has, studies proved that drinking 4 to 5 cups of green tea daily will stimulate your weight loss especially if you are doing exercises besides. If you love the super almonds, you will love that one, thanks to the amino acid eating about a quarter cup of almonds will help you to lose weight, if you want to get the extra benefit and lose more weight, take your daily share before you hit the…

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  • Spices for Fast and Healthy Weight-Loss

    21 Super Spices for Fast and Healthy Weight-Loss

    The spices can provide your food a unique flavor, give your body limitless health benefits, and help effectively in your weight-loss diet. When you make sure that your general health permits using different types of spices with generous amounts, you can begin herbs and spices diet. In addition to its medical features as a treatment to the indigestion, diabetes, anemia, and acid reflux, the cumin can enhance and speed up the metabolism helping you lose several pounds within a few days. Similarly, the cayenne pepper will reduce the fat tissues and the blood fat levels to fight obesity and help you lose weight healthily. The cinnamon can adjust the blood sugar levels and cholesterol increasing the glucose metabolism to keep…

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  • Using apple cider vinegar for weight loss..True False Good Bad

    Using apple cider vinegar for weight loss..True? False? Good? Bad?

    People who are obese or overweight find themselves always ready to experience all the ways for losing weight and they try weight loss methods of all kinds. However, it is important to study these ways and methods before using them. One of these ways is including apple cider vinegar in your diet. Apple cider vinegar is one of the famous ways recommended by experts for losing weight and burning fat. How to use it? Does it really help in losing weight? Does it have any negative effects? Apples contain a substance called “pectin”. This substance plays an important role in reducing the appetite and giving a feeling of fullness. As the apple cider vinegar contains a big amount of this…

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  • How to Ensure the Success of Your Weight-Loss Diet

    How to Ensure the Success of Your Weight-Loss Diet

    How many times you set out to lose weight and your program fails or you give up? Just get out of such a circle and find the main reason for your diet fail to set out a successful customized diet program. This article will help you achieve your dreams and get perfect results. When you apply your diet program perfectly and the scale doesn’t budge, you should find out if you have real reasons for weight gain. The chronic stress, too much cortisol, polycystic ovary syndrome, high insulin levels, hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause, and alcohol drinking are the main causes of your diet failure. A few medications such as the antipsychotic, antidepressants, hormone replacement therapy, beta-blockers, and corticosteroids…

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  • Get rid of buttock fat with these useful tips

    Get rid of buttock fat with these useful tips

    If you are one of the people who have extra fat on their thighs or buttocks then you must read this article . the following tips will help you get rid of this problem in the most natural and effective ways .read along to find out more . 1- fat burner foods Its not only dieting that will help you lose weight , you need to choose special types of food that will aid in the process of metabolism .these are the types of foods loaded in fatty acids like omega 3. Flaxseed, walnuts, salmon and tuna are great fat burners. you can also try food products that contain soybeans like soy milk and soy yoghurt which has the same…

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  • Beat Belly Fat With These Tips

    Beat Belly Fat With These Tips

    Belly fat is a problem that faces many people not only overweight but also normal weight people may have belly fat. Too much belly fat can cause serious health problems. Fat inside the belly is also termed visceral fat and it is seriously harmful. This type of fat is a major risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease, to name a few. So anyone with excess belly fat should take serious steps to lose fat from this area. It is a little bit difficult, but there are many things you can do to reduce excess abdominal fat. 1. Avoid Sugar-sweetened Drinks: Sugar-sweetened beverages are packed with liquid fructose, which can lead to increased fat in the belly. One 10-week…

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  • Top 6 Tips to Lose Facial Fat

    Top 6 Tips to Lose Facial Fat

    Many people feel self-conscious because of their chubby cheeks. Excess cheek fat makes the face look older and bulky. There are many reasons that can cause plumpness on your face include excessive consumption of alcohol, aging, genetics, soft facial muscles, and obesity. Although you can’t target your face fat for weight loss, you can follow some strategies that can help you get a slimmer face, which are: 1. Lose overall Body Fat: If you want to have a slimmer face, you need to lose fat overall. And to lose weight you should create a caloric deficit which involves eating fewer calories than you burn. Creating the appropriate caloric deficit depends on your age, gender, activity level, and size. To make…

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  • 5 Brilliant Tips to Lose Belly Fat In No Time

    5 Brilliant Tips to Lose Belly Fat In No Time

    Losing belly fat or having a defined abs is somewhat hard but possible. Losing these stubborn fats that are accumulated in your belly requires a hard and constant work. If you are willing to get rid of this annoying fat the following tips will greatly help you as they are the most effective tips on losing belly fat. 1. Eat Carbohydrates: The type of carbs you consume have a great effect on losing or gaining weight. When you consume whole grains such as dark bread, brown rice, couscous, and bulgur wheat, you automatically reduce your intake of other types because whole grains are rich in fiber so you feel full for a longer period and they are more difficult to…

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  • Reasons Why You Are Not losing Belly Fat

    Reasons Why You Are Not losing Belly Fat

    Having a flat belly is a desire for many women and men. Get rid of stubborn belly fat seems difficult for many people. Although, they always complain that they have been working out regularly and following a balanced diet but they cannot lose their belly fat. In this article, we are going to talk about the main causes why you are not able to lose belly fat. 1. You are Doing the Wrong Workout: The majority of people turn to steady-state cardio workouts (such as walking, running, or cycling) to lose pounds. This may help in burn calories and lead to fat loss but it will not affect the waist region. On the other hand, incorporate some weight training into…

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  • A flat tummy after a C-section is a dream no longer hard to achieve!

    A flat tummy after a C-section is a dream no longer hard to achieve!

    After giving birth, a woman always wonders if its possible to regain back her weight and her old body or figure . things might seem impossible for you especially if you had a c – section . but we are here to tell you today how to achieve that dream easily , if you really want to know the article below ! The first thing you should think of is the scar after the c section, you must check with your doctor before doing any exercise or any activity or even think of starting to lose weight. The reason why you should be careful is that the tissues of your stomach are cut into so many layers, including the…

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  • Facts about tummy fat that no one told you about

    Facts about tummy fat that no one told you about

    Women are the most people prone to having fat around their bellies, even some women who are not considered overweight find themselves suffering from this issue .read this article to know the facts about tummy fat and how to control this problem. Women who are closer to their forties are more likely to have fat around their tummies than other women according to Steven R. Smith, MD, an obesity expert at Florida Hospital and Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Center in Orlando. this happens because of the different levels of estrogen in their bodies during pre-menopause which affects their metabolism. So what are the different ways to fight tummy fat ? 1 – The magical ingredients The first one is vinegar ,…

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