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This Study Will Show You How To Keep Your Weight in Control

No more fad diets, indeed according to a new study in the Journal of Nutrition, the key to weight loss or at least keeping weight gain at bay is the size of your meal and what time you eat it. In the study, researchers analyzed the data of over 50.000 adults over a period of 7 years and found that there were certain behaviors linked to staving off weight gain or even aiding in weight loss.

In comparison to people who ate three meals a day, people who ate one or two meals a day showed a decrease in their body mass index per year while those who ate three meals a day actually had their BMI increased as the study went on.  The more snacks and meals people at the greater the increase in their BMI showed to be.

People who fasted about 18 hours a day between dinner and breakfast showed the  showed the greatest BMI decrease over the course of the study than those who fasted 12 to 17 hours.

Breakfast habits were observed too, those who made sure to eat the first meal of the day showed a gradual decrease in their BMI over the course of the study than those who skipped breakfast who tended to put on more weight.

What they participants ate and how much they ate mattered too, this who made their breakfast the largest meal of the day actually tended to have a lower BMI than those who ate their largest meal for dinner.  Those who made their lunch their main meal had similar results to those who had the main meal for breakfast but the results were slightly different.

The study says there are several factors that may be responsible for how your eating time and volume can affect your weight. One of which is that, having a large breakfast didn’t only prevent hunger in the short term but also reduced any spikes in the hunger hormone ghrelin which is important to tamp down cravings and reduce the chances of you overeating later on.

Some people found that specifying certain windows for eating per day left them hungry when the feeding time was passed. Eating techniques like intermittent fasting can help reduce weight over time and it is proven to have several other health benefits for the body however you should make sure to pump up your protein and fiber intake in your meals.

 How To Keep Your Weight in Control


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