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  • Water Bottle before Dehydration Causes Problems

    Refill That Water Bottle before Dehydration Causes You These 7 Problems

    Water is the essence of life and every living being on this planet needs water. However, while plants just shrivel up and wait for the next rainy season, humans just suffer horribly if they are dehydrated and die within a day or two. And that isn’t the only issue. Dehydration can have degrees, there is the one we just mentioned in which you die, and there is that dehydration that causes diseases, and the slightest degree of dehydration in which you age and develop wrinkles quickly. In this article, we will tell you about some of the consequences of dehydration. 1- Depression and mood swings. Many recent researches have proved that those who do not drink a sufficient amount of…

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  • Facts about the Ebola Disease

    These 7 Facts about the Ebola Disease Will Blow You Away

    Ebola is one of the scariest and most terrifying viruses ever. The name alone is enough to send a cold shiver into your spine. And we usually wonder how ever do those in places of ebola virus breakouts live their life. Sometimes, we are even so scared of anything related to this virus that we do not want to hear anything about it. However, we DO need to learn a few things about the Ebola virus. You don’t know, but you might find the facts you learn here helpful sometime. 1- Right now, the Ebola virus is outspread in West Africa, and it started spreading since September, 2014. About 7000 cases were registered in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. It…

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  • Feeling Sluggish Often? With These 4 Methods You Will Be More Active and Alert

    Do you usually find that you feel sluggish and sleepy no matter how much you sleep? Is staying alert and awake a challenge for you? And I don’t mean staying up late or suffering from some illness such as the flu and feeling sluggish the day after, because then feeling tired, sluggish and sleepy would be natural. What I mean is feeling sleepy and tired throughout the day even though sleep enough hours at night. In this case you might be suffering from EDS, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness. EDS is a case in which you want to take many naps and sleep during the day even if you sleep regularly at night. Sometimes this sleep is too much that it is…

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  • Rose Water, a New Beauty Secret

    Rose Water, a New Beauty Secret to Be Revealed

    Everything is beautiful about roses, their smell, colors, etc and rose water is another reason that will make you love roses even much more than you already do. Rose water holds many beauty secrets to your skin, interested to know more? For sure you care about your skin PH levels and you want to maintain its balance, the good news is that rose water does great job when it comes to preserving your PH balances. Sensitive skin people, this one is for you, rose water has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that will end your suffering with irritation, redness, acne and even sun burns. We all look for a fast healing thing to our cuts and wounds and the surprise is rose…

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  • Guidelines to “Whiten” Your Place the Right Way

    The Top 5 Guidelines to “Whiten” Your Place the Right Way

    Choosing the right shade of white is never easy. Because, on the contrary to what most people think, different shades of white, although difficult to distinguish, give a greatly different effect. Picking the wrong shade of white makes spaces look either messy or clinical and barren. Here are some guidelines you should keep in mind when picking a shade of white for your place: 1- Make sure that the shade of white you have chosen blends well with the things it surrounds. For example, a shade of white that works with green is different from one that works with beige or even darker colors. You might need to try different shades until you get the effect you need. 2- Experiment…

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  • Treat Your Cuts and Grazes with the Things in Your kitchen

    Got a Cut but Got No Disinfectant? Treat Your Cuts and Grazes with the Things in Your kitchen

    Cuts and grazes are minor wounds that happen when the very first layer of the skin get a scrape or a cut. Cuts and grazes happen to each and every one of us, men or women, young or old. And although they are minor, they need to be treated immediately or they could get seriously infected. However, what to do if you do not happen to have a disinfectant at hand? You can first wash the grazed area well and then you can try some of the following treatments which you can find right in your pantry: 1- Honey. It is nature’s antibiotic. It also fights bacteria and viruses. Just rub the scraped area lightly with some honey and then…

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  • Natural Substitutes for Sugar with Better Health Benefits

    Natural Substitutes for Sugar with Better Health Benefits

    One of the things that we think about when we follow a healthy diet is the necessity of reducing our sugar intake to cut the calories, remain healthy and lose more weight, but what about some sweet and natural substitutes with less calories and more health benefits? You agree, right? Let’s start then; raw honey is one of the most beneficial sugar substitutes as it contains a lot of beneficial compounds like zinc, calcium, potassium, antioxidants, vitamin B6 and so many other benefits. Raw honey helps the healthy bacteria to grow which will improve your digestion process as well. It will be a beneficial sweetener to add to your yogurt, green tea or as a salad dressing. You know dates…

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  • The Magical Shea Butter Benefits

    The Magical Shea Butter Benefits

    Simply let me start by saying it’s a beauty secret, yes, Shea butter could be the beauty magical stick that you’ve been searching for, interested to now why? Let me tell you and let’s start with its benefits to your skin, Shea butter is an amazing skin moisture, applying it to your skin will help it to stay hydrated which will make it look healthier and more glowing. Looking for a shield form the harmful UV rays that you face daily? Shea butter is the one you are searching for, it may not be the best solution for the hot summer days on the beach, but it will be the best to use in your daily life whether in winter…

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  • Forever Young isn’t a Myth

    Forever Young isn’t a Myth, Find out How

    Age is just a number isn’t just something we say; for sure your soul age is what matters, but it’s true you can stay forever young regardless your age. It’s so simple and healthy to reach that goal, start with your food, eat healthy, raw and fresh foods like fresh fruits and vegetables; they are full of minerals and vitamins that are good for your health in general and for your skin in particular. If you look for some healthy fats, then you should include fish in your diet, eat fish at least one to two times per week, it’s rich with the well known fatty acid omega-3, it will keep your health in a good condition and you know…

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  • Products You Should Never Mix Together

    Simple Everyday Products You Should Never Mix Together

    Not long ago I’ve heard this story: a girl wanted to make a super effective detergent. So, she thought about combining different cleaning and disinfecting agents. Once she did, a poisonous gas was emitted and it nearly killed her. There are certain materials that shouldn’t be mixed together because the result can be harmful or even fatal, such as: 1- Batteries of different trademarks. One of the main components of batteries is battery acid. But different companies use different types of acid. Battery acid could leak so, if you are storing batteries together, leaking acid could cause fire hazard. 2- Detergents with bleaching agents and liquids with alcoholic components. Bleaching detergents contain sodium hypochlorite and alcoholic liquids contain ethanol or…

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  • Here Are the Reasons Why You Should Keep Talc Powder Even When You Don’t Have a Baby

    Here Are the Reasons Why You Should Keep Talc Powder Even When You Don’t Have a Baby

    Talc powder, which is usually named baby powder, are usually used only when you change a baby’s diaper (hence the name). Some people buy perfumed brands of talk powder to sprinkle on their bodies after taking a bath to spoil themselves a bit. However, did you know that talc powder has many uses other than keeping your baby’s bottom dry? Here are some innovative uses for talc powder: 1- Dry Shampoo. How do dry shampoos work? They absorb grease and sebum building up on your scalp. Talc powder has the same quality of absorbing oils and excess moisture. Just rub a bit of it on your scalp and then comb it off. 2- Separate and de-knot knotted jewelry. Fine chains…

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  • Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally

    3 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally

    Are you suffering from dark lips? You can eliminate this problem in the simplest way without resorting to expensive cosmetics. Remedy it yourself at home! In the beginning, you need to pay attention to some things that darken your lips. Darkened lips can result from months and years of smoking, drinking too much caffeine, exposure to sun UV rays, hormonal imbalances and age. Try these long-lasting remedies to get rid of the effects of some of these problems. Sugar and Butter Scrub Sugar acts as an exfoliant by removing all dead skin cells and butter can relief discoloration on your lips. The method: Bring three teaspoons of sugar powder with two teaspoons of butter then mix the two together till…

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar

    Reasons to Use 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar Every Morning

    The apple cider vinegar is a cooking ingredient that can provide your food a tasty flavor. Actually, such vinegar has further benefits for your hair, skin, body, and home. Let’s reveal the surprising benefits of such a magical liquid. Like any type of vinegar, the anti-bacterial features of apple cider vinegar make it a perfect bad breath killer, teeth cleaner, sore throat treatment, deodorant, and deodorizer to the smelly feet. If you incorporate such vinegar to your daily diet, you will see the following results in a short period. Do you believe that the apple cedar vinegar can adjust the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol and even lose your weight when you incorporate apple cider vinegar into your diet?…

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  • Stop Cravings Once and for All with These Helpful Tips

    Stop Cravings Once and for All with These Helpful Tips

    Cravings are these intense feelings of hunger and appetite for certain foods even when you are not that hungry. Cravings are a common phenomenon for dieters, especially if you have been dieting for a while. There are many things that contribute to the feelings of craving, such as your former eating habits, lack of nutrients, boredom…etc. You can get rid of cravings with these helpful tips 1- Make sure you eat enough. Eating a filling meal doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to eat too much or consume too many calories. For example, a meal made of two eggs, a slice of rye bread and a bowel of salad will give you no more than 500 calories which is a…

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  • Dry skin The Solutions

    Tired of your Dry skin? The Solutions are Here

    There is no doubt that taking care of your skin isn’t less important than taking care of your weight, eventually it’s all about being healthy and looking more beautiful. Dry skin is one of the problems that make a lot of people upset and less confident because they don’t like how they look. The best way to solve a problem is to know the reasons behind it and dry skin problem has many reasons. Too much exposing to HUV or in other words too much exposing to sun rays could cause a skin dry, this may be shocking, but air conditioners and heater could be a major reason behind your skin dryness, dehydration is also a big reason for having…

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  • Weird House Tips That Actually Work

    4 Really Weird House Tips That Actually Work

    Have you ever wondered why some of the strangest ideas in life are so effective? Humans’ sense of ingenuity and creativity is responsible for some of the greatest achievements in history. Till today, people still come up with crazy yet effective ideas to do all sorts of things, such as: 1- When leaving cups on your wooden surfaces, you will notice unsightly rings once you lift the cups. So, until you buy coasters, try this trick: make a paste of salt and olive oil and spread it on the ring. Leave it for a while and then wipe it off to see that the rings are gone! 2- IT annoys me to no end when dust sticks to the shutters…

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  • Parents of Successful People Do

    6 Things the Parents of Successful People Do

    Parenting is unarguably the most difficult job of all. However, it is also the most rewarding job ever. You see the fruit of your efforts growing and flourishing day after day. The fruit is even bigger when your kids turn out to be successful. Studies have proved that all the parents of successful people do certain things, such as: 1- They let their kids know that it is ok and expected to fail sometimes. Failing is an essential part of the process of learning. What is important that we don’t lie face down and give in to defeat. Parents who teach their children that make them strong willed and more persistent. 2- They give their kids regular chores they must…

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  • components of a fabulous look

    Easy Six: 6 easy components of a fabulous look

    Thankfully, these days it is easier to look fabulous with a little make up even if you stayed up all night. However, now you can look good by just following our Easy Six. This list has some of the most basic and easy components of a fabulous look. 1. Have an 8 hour sleep Try once a week to go to bed at 10 pm and have a sound 8 hour sleep. We are always told by doctors that in order for our body to restore itself, we should get in a deep sleep which requires certain relaxation. Try having an 8 hour sleep and you will have more time to deep sleep and it will make you feel much…

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  • PMS Will No Longer Be a Monthly Nightmare with these 5 Natural Treatments

    PMS Will No Longer Be a Monthly Nightmare with these 5 Natural Treatments

    That time of the month is a major pain for almost all women and the reason is premenstrual syndrome. There are different symptoms manifesting premenstrual syndrome, such as fatigue, breast sensitivity, acne and similar skin problems, constipation, irritability, upset stomach, monstrous cravings ,water retention, bloating, emotional changes, and the all too familiar cramps. Almost 75 percent of women go through premenstrual syndrome every month and it is expected to happen between late 20s and middle 40s. There are natural and easy treatments that can be used right at your very home. Here are some of the most effective of them. 1- First of all, for an effective cure for the cramps, you need antispasmodic properties and potent anti-inflammatory properties. And…

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  • Mistakes People Usually Make When Furnishing Their Living rooms

    The Top 5 Mistakes People Usually Make When Furnishing Their Living rooms

    A living room is not just the heart of your house, it is also where you show off your decoration skills to visitors. However, people sometimes get overly serious when decorating their living rooms and go a few extra miles while they are at it committing some mistakes in the process, such as: 1- Neglecting coherence. The living room is usually the place that connects your kitchen or your dining room with other rooms. However, people overlook this fact when decorating their living rooms which makes you feel that the living room was just taken from somewhere else and tossed inside their homes to make a clashing difference with the other rooms. 2- Crowding the space. It really bothers me…

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  • Here Are 6 Weird Facts You Might Not Know about Your Period

    Here Are 6 Weird Facts You Might Not Know about Your Period

    In this article I will talk about period. Yep, the menstruation period that people don’t mention explicitly and treat with shame and disgust as if it were something freaky and unnatural. I don’t know why a natural function – no, a blessing and a privilege – of a woman’s body has to be treated like that. Therefore, against all those people who don’t like it, I will state some weird facts about the menstrual period in this article. 1- Science has failed repeatedly in getting to the bottom of why women synchronize with each other and thus have their periods at the same time. I thought it was just me, but apparently many women say that when they spend a…

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  • Weird Changes Happen Due to Your Period

    These 5 Weird Changes Happen Due to Your Period

    The menstruation period is a difficult time for most women. It is usually accompanied by abdominal pains (sometimes unendurable!), acne and skin problems and monstrous cravings. However, in a recent questionnaire, it was found that many women experience weird changes when they go through that time of the month. Here are some of these changes: 1- One of the women who took the questionnaire is a singer. She said that she takes leaves for absence when she goes through her period because her voice becomes hoarse and strange. Several researches have attested to this fact saying that hormonal changes affect the larynx leading to changes in voice in that period. 2- You get edgy. Most women get annoyed easily during…

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  • Tips You Will Feel Energetic All Day No Matter How Tiring

    With These Tips You Will Feel Energetic All Day No Matter How Tiring It Is

    As human beings, we tend to feel tired from time to time. Feeling tired can be the result of many things such as: Hunger, poor diet, mood, health problems such as common illnesses; diabetes; anemia; low or high blood pressure, lack of sleep, strenuous physical exercise, and other things such as pregnancy, menstrual period and menopause. Therefore, one should learn all about recharging energy. Here are some tips that will help you feel energetic no matter how tiring it is. 1- Do not ever EVER skip breakfast. Breakfast is the meal that provides your brain with nutrients it direly needs for functioning. So, skipping it is a sure way of draining yourself of energy and forcing your brain to signal…

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  • Sleeping Wrong

    Watch Out for These 6 Telling Signs That Show You’ve Been Sleeping Wrong Your Entire Life

    Sleep is the only action through which your vital organs can fully recharge their energy. And nothing else takes the place of good sleep. However, even if sleep is a natural and vital process, it still has a right way and a wrong way of doing it. Sleeping in a wrong way can lessen the quality of your sleep and as a result, not recharging your energy fully. So how do you know if you are sleeping wrong? With these telling signs: 1- You keep a sleep a sleep tracker and even love it. Withings Aura, Misfit Ray, Beddit Smart and Jawbone are all brands you are familiar with. Keeping a sleep tracker means you are fixating on the process…

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  • Qualities You Should Get Rid of So You Wouldn’t Destroy Your Life

    6 Qualities You Should Get Rid of So You Wouldn’t Destroy Your Life

    Can one destroy his/her own life? Yes they can. They do that when they stay in relationships they don’t value, remain passive towards negative changes that happen to them, or adopt destructive qualities that can ruin their lives. Here, I will tell you about some of these qualities you should change so you wouldn’t destroy your life. 1- Pessimism. It is a destructive quality that prevents you from moving forward and makes you attached to what you know only. Remember that nothing ventured, nothing gained. 2- Blaming it on fate, stars…etc. Fate is truly responsible for many of the things that happen in our lives, but it doesn’t decide them. So do not destroy your life by lying face down…

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  • Negative Habits That May Cost You Your Job

    Watch Out for These 6 Negative Habits That May Cost You Your Job

    Finding a good rewarding job can be really difficult, and most of us work in boring unfulfilling jobs – which they feel that they are sucking away their lives – just to make ends meet. There are some lucky people who can find good jobs they love and enjoy. However, did you know that there are negative habits that can cost you your job even if you are good at it? Such as: 1- Not being curious about the company’s field of work. And keep in mind that I said curious, not nosy. Being curious about your company’s line of work means inquiring a bit and doing some research about it. This will show your boss that you are serious…

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  • bring back your beautiful smile

    Here are 6 easy ways to bring back your beautiful smile

    A beautiful smile is a true smile, however, a better smile is the one that reveals healthy clean teeth. It is easy now to bring back your beautiful smile by just following these steps: 1. Consider your daily routine Our teeth need a day-to-day maintenance to remain healthy and clean. Your daily routine should always include brushing your teeth at least twice. So, keep in mind that twice is the minimal number of brushes needed to maintain your teeth daily. Sometimes we forget to brush the backs of the teeth so the plaque keeps building up and causes hidden tooth decays. Also, flossing is vital to be part of your routine. Flossing was proved to be good not only for…

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  • korean cosmetic products

    7 reasons to try korean cosmetic products

    Now that korean pop is taking the world by storm, heads are turned towards this amazing country that excelled in the cosmetics industry as well. Ever wondered why Koreans enjoy such flawless skin? Koreans tend to have an amazing complexion and flawless skin because they take good care of their skin. Here are 7 reasons to try korean cosmetic products now: 1. The popular BB cream Now BB creams are manufactured in cosmetic factories all over the world. However, it originated in Korea to suit the Asian complexion. Western companies have modified BB cream to cater for types of complexion. 2. Affordability High-end korean cosmetic products are very expensive just like any other high-end products. However, you can attain the…

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  • beauty routine in your 30s

    8 things to keep in your beauty routine in your 30s part 2

    In this article, we will learn about the four remaning things to keep in your beauty routine in your 30s. The first four things were hydrating, having oatmeal for breakfast, having Goji berries for snacks, and finally having a fish meal at least once a week. Before reading the article, try to guess from your nutritional knowledge which things could alter our beauty routine. Now, let’s see! 5. Need another snack? Try Brazil nuts. Nuts in general are full of minerals but Brazil nuts in particular is rich in Selenium and Zinc. That being said, what does Selenium and Zinc do? Selenium is magical mineral; it repairs hair and nails and helps in curing acne. Selenium also improves the overall…

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  • how to get taller after puberty

    Here’s how to get taller after puberty!

    People are exploring new ways to get taller and keep on questioning, “Is it a possibility to get taller after puberty?” Several people ask me about various ways that could help them increase their height. So, I finally have written down a few of the ways of improving your height. You can tell which of the following ways looks comfortable to you and follow it for a while.It is crucial to note that such means should be done for a long-time to able to witness the results. 1. Workout to stretch your spine. A proven method of boosting your height is by exercise. Exercise actually helps to make the spine and body flexible, therefore, making your spine more likely to…

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  • things to keep in your beauty routine in your 30s

    8 things to keep in your beauty routine in your 30s

    Aging is affects our skin like nothing else, that is why we should compensate with extra care. In 8 simple tips you will find the ultimate guide to aging with excellence. So here are the 8 things you should do to keep your skin youthful: 1. Hydrate A key tip to having youthful skin is hydrating! Elevate your daily consumption of water to, at least, 8 glasses. Not only will consuming more water keep your skin hydrated, it will also help your digestion and benefit your internal organs. 2. Try Oatmeal for breakfast What do you have for breakfast? Cereals, pancakes, bacon and eggs. No matter what you are used to have for breakfast, just remember what we are always…

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  • Be the best you could be with these 4 simple tips

    Be the best you could be with these 4 simple tips

    Certainly, it is when you are at home lonely that you want to be the best version of yourself. If you aren’t, extra time is going to be spent on Netflix when you know you could be doing something beneficial. Rather than the success and loving the life you’ve always dreamed of, you will continue to decay. It’s not simple to be your best at all times and achieve our true goal. But if you want to reach for the stars, follow these simple tips! 1. Admire Your Imperfections Nobody is perfect. If you believe movie stars and celebrities are perfect, think again. Although no-one is perfect, some of us are pretty good at showing the best version of ourselves.…

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  • Natural Treatments Will Not Let PMS Bother You Anymore

    These 8 Natural Treatments Will Not Let PMS Bother You Anymore

    The most common period for the occurrence of premenstrual syndrome is between late 20s and middle 40s. The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome range from changes in mood to overwhelming desire to eat food even when you are not hungry (cravings), stomachache, water retention, bloating, cramps, upset tummy, irritability, constipation, acne, tenderness in breast skin. Although we cannot really determine the exact reasons which cause symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, they are usually attributed to changes in the levels of hormone throughout the week earlier to a woman’s menstruation period. Hereditary factors, environmental toxins, increased body mass, pressure, and poor diet all are factors that contribute to the problem. 1- There are several ways to get rid of cramps, such as taking…

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  • Coconut Oil as the Secret of Beauty

    Surprising Reasons to Consider the Coconut Oil as the Secret of Beauty

    The coconut oil is a perfect moisturizer with natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that can penetrate perfectly into your hair and skin. For these reasons, the coconut oil is a key ingredient in most of the beauty products, but the real benefits of such an ingredient will certainly surprise you. Do you believe that a few drops of coconut oil can serve as a makeup remover, lice remedy, dandruff treatment, hair conditioner, massage oil, whitening toothpaste, body scrub and body oil? Actually, it’s hard to define what coconut oil can’t do for your skin and hair, but you can purchase a jar to use as a breath freshener, makeup brushes cleaner, and frizz tamer. If you need a home deodorant,…

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  • Ways to Remove Makeup

    Cool and Safe Ways to Remove Makeup Daily

    Remove Makeup Daily, When you read this title and wonder if you should remove your makeup daily, you should read the full article to enjoy a healthy skin. Let’s agree that you should remove your makeup before bed to avoid inflammation and skin sensitivity, especially around your eyes. The dual phase makeup remover should be your friend, as it combines the oil and water cleansing features, but you need to purchase an oil-based makeup remover to dissolve the waterproof mascara or liner without scrubbing or pulling your skin. If you have a sensitive skin, you can remove makeup with cleansing water and a piece of cotton. Your dermatologist will define the type of your skin to help you choose suitable…

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  • Things Will Make Your Husband Putty in Your Hand

    Doing These 8 Things Will Make Your Husband Putty in Your Hand

    The relationship between a woman and her husband is one of the greatest relationships ever. And men need a lot of motivation to convince them to bind themselves with the commitment of marriage. A woman needs to have not just love, but wisdom and some of the things in this article to be able to make her husband a putty in her hands. 1- Sing his praises when he isn’t around. Be a smart girl! Word travels fast. So say things your man would love to hear from you. However, he might think that you are just flattering him to get something, so sing his praises when he isn’t around so he would think that you are sincere. 2- Cook…

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  • Tips to Help Your Wife Love You

    Cool Tips to Help Your Wife Love You

    If you think that your wife can behave, think, feel, and response like you, you will have several disagreements with her. Just read the full article and understand how women think and how to help your wife love you easily. Every woman has her own personality and way of thinking, but there are common features that will help you understand your wife and appreciate her reactions. For example, women consider the meanings and emotions more than actions; consequently, you should feed your wife’s emotions and express your love for her regularly. Similarly, your wife can see the big picture of the point rather than narrow issues and unrelated information; so, your wife will analyze the complicated situations better than you…

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  • Breeze Through Decoration with Fabrics with These Tips

    Breeze Through Decoration with Fabrics with These Tips

    I am not one of those people who consider “decoration with fabrics” to be limited to decorating with curtains only. For me, decorating with fabrics is furnishing with anything that has fabric as a part of its materials and that means fabric covered furniture, curtains, linens and covers, and even things such as wallpaper made of fabric. To excel at decorating with fabric, you have to keep a few tips in mind, such as: 1- To give your place a touch of elegance spread a few embroidered cushions. Make sure you choose your cushions’ prints and colors to suit the ambiance of the room and the style of your furniture (for example: bold colors can add a refreshing touch to…

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  • Man Who Truly Loves You

    A Man Who Truly Loves You Does These 5 Things

    Men and women are greatly different. They think in a different way. They feel and love in a different way. And they express their feelings in a different way as well. A woman may think that her spouse hates her guts while he is in fact head over heels for her. So, how can a woman tell when her man loves her? He does some things, such as: 1- Making time to be with you and talk to you whenever possible. Even when men like their partners or spouses, they do not like women talk or interests. However, if your husband truly loves you, he will love your company and share your interests even if he doesn’t like them. 2-…

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  • Show Your Wife That You Appreciate Her

    5 Very Simple Things You Can Do to Show Your Wife That You Appreciate Her

    A few years ago, a movie I saw a movie on TV about a wife who cheated on her husband. And although I usually turn the channel when I see movies like this, this one caught my interest because of its message. It clearly said, just like your wife doesn’t take you for granted and shows her love for you always, you shouldn’t take her for granted as well. There are very simple things you, as a man could do to show your wife that you love and appreciates her. 1- Make it clear that you remember what she likes. Buy her a bag of her favorite chocolate. Buy her a single rose from time to time with no occasion…

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