6 things men don’t like about your appearance

Although the men differ in terms of their tastes and the things they like about women as well as the qualities that they require in the partner of their life, but there are some things they agree on about women. You will find in this article some of these things starting from high fashion and ending with modern cosmetic techniques.

Hair extensions: One of the things a man finds most bothering is when he puts his hand in his wife’s hair and finds that half of her hair is artificial. This is a disgusting thing for a man that destroys his desire to pamper his wife.

Strong fragrance: women tend to use strong perfumes often, especially in the winter, but men don’t like these kinds of perfumes no matter how beautiful the smell is. They prefer soft scents that show femininity of the woman.

Big sunglasses: Woman always tends to follow fashion in its various forms. She may be attracted to big sunglasses that suit her face, but a man does not like these kinds of glasses. He thinks that it hides most of the facial features and it makes a barrier between him and his loved one.

Excessive makeup: Men like woman who takes care of her beauty and appearance. However, excessive makeup makes him keep away from her because this kind of makeup makes the woman unnatural and lacks femininity, and it is really difficult to clean when some of it ends on his clothes.

Unnatural lips: It is true that men love big and painted lips, but they do not like cosmetic sugary, especially lip augmentation. They never see the woman attractive with big artificial lips.

things men don’t like about your appearance


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