8 amazing beauty tips for a better Halloween

Halloween is the best costume festival all year long, and we like to make it memorable. It brings the best of everything; sugary candy, costumes, pranking in the timeless trick or treat and the spirit of tradition. For a happy and safe halloween follow these 8 beauty tips:

1. Choose wisely
A halloween costume make up is meant to stay for a long time on the skin. Thus, it is highly advisable to pick a cosmetic grade that is most convenient and comforting to your skin type. Sometimes, we tend to pick cheap products for Halloween’s costume make up since it is basically a once a year event. However, cheap products can be highly irritating to your skin specially if you have sensitive skin.

2. Test out your look
Testing out your whole Halloween look is very important as it will help you decide on certain things. It will help you decide how long the make up takes and how long it stays on considering the environment you will be in. Also, you will test the material of your costume and decide wether it makes over sweat or cold and what alterations you can make.

3. When to opt for matte make up?
Matte make up can be very helpful in creating the look of brusies and discolorations. So, if you chose to be a zombie this halloween, a palette of matte eyeshadows will come in handy.

4. Keep it on!
A good halloween make up stays on for a long time and you do not have to retouch it every hour. To reach such a lovely result and keep your body make up from fading try adding a layer of translucent powder on your finished make up and then mist it with hair spray. This will make your wounds look real and stay real for a while.

5. Remove your make up
Opt for a good make up remover that can remove the bulky Halloween make up before you go to sleep. It is important to always clean your face before you go to bed specially if it has thick layers like costume make up. Also, try to exfoliate the skin the day after as soon as you can to remove the make up residue and dead skin. This will prevent any dirt build ups that can cause later irritations and breakouts.

beauty tips for a better Halloween


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