Easy hacks to make yourself look younger

It may be depressing when you look at the mirror and you notice the appearance of grey hair. Becoming older is inevitable and happens to all of us. However, do not make it ruin your life and try to get over it by trying these hacks.

Change your clothes:
getting older does not necessarily mean that you need to dress dowdy. Of course, you may need to avoid some bright colours in your clothes, but you can just add a pop of colour to your scarves and jewelry. Also, it’s better to avoid black as it will make you look older.

Wear the suitable clothes:
As you get older, the shape of your body will be change over the years. Do not wear baggy clothes to hide your body shape. Also, do not wear the same clothes you are used to wear 10 years ago to pretend that you are still young. Instead, try to wear the clothes that best suit your body size and shape.

Do not use powders:
When some women get old, they use powder to hide face wrinkles. Powder will not help you as it will highlight the imperfections in your skin and it cannot hide them.

Try to make your lips fuller:
Fuller looking lips can help you look younger. Thus, it’s better to avoid wearing dark colored lipstick which may make your lips look smaller. Instead, try to choose light shades of lipstick and it’s better to apply a little bit of gloss lipstick or even some Vaseline.

Have fun and behave younger:
Do not make your age a barrier that prevents you from doing what you love to do. When you go out and have fun like dancing and becoming energetic people will see you younger than you really are.

hacks to make yourself look younger


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