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How a double chin can no longer be a problem!

A double chin can cause discomfort and embarrassment to many people . It’s a very common problem, it also sometimes happens to people who aren’t overweight .how can you get rid of it ? read the following article to find out .

The first and most helpful way is to massage your chin ! this is how you should do it ; Vitamin E oil is very effective in tightening your skin. This will help toe the facial muscles and cause less sagging thus no more double chin Take some oil onto your palms and rub on your skin.Place your thumbs under your chin. Take your thumbs back and then up. Repeat daily for a few minutes .

Wheat Germ Oil will even give you more amazing results as its rich in vitamin b6,folic acid and many more ingredients which are amazing for aging or sagging skin.Before you go to sleep, massage your neck and chin for 15 minutes and leave it overnight .
The second thing you must try is exercise ! the following are some ideas you can try at home ;

1 – Neck roll yoga
This exercise should be done with caution if you have any neck injuries . the best thing about it is that you can do it anywhere or anytime , sitting or standing in an upright position, every day to get rid of the double chin quickly Gently drop the chin forward into your chest.

Slowly rotate your head to the left.Hold to the count of five.Rotate your head back so that the chin touches the chest again.Slowly rotate the head to the right and count to five.Do the rotations for about 25 seconds daily to get rid of a double chin quickly.

2 – The O pose
This exercise will also help you get rid of saggy neck and wrinkles .

Sit in an upright posture with shoulders relaxed.Tilt your head backwards to face the sky.Open the mouth wide but make an O shape.Keep it that way for about 30 seconds. Relax and lower your head to the normal position.Do 10 reps twice a day to lose chin fat and a flabby chin faster.

When you start getting used to these workouts you can increase the number of times you exercise everyday , but don’t over do it as not to get muscular spasms or injuries.

How a double chin can no longer be a problem!


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