How to make a Grim Reaper costume at Home?

Grim Reaper costume is a perfect choice for Halloween. Making a Grim Reaper costume at home will be affordable and will please you as well because you will have a lot of fun while making it. Grim reaper is synonymous with death. So if you decide to be the ‘Angel of Death’ and you will dress up like Grim Reaper this Halloween, the following steps will help you make a Grim Reaper costume in an easy way.

First, to make the black cloak you will need a black fabric. You can stitch a cloak from the fabric if you master sewing. But if you are not, blanket your body with stiff fabric and cover your head also. With a pen or a brooch, pin the fabric around your neck to make a hood. Use a long fabric to be assured that it will cover your legs. Wear black clothes underneath the fabric which include black shirt, pants, socks and shoes. Use safety pins to secure the drape around the shoulders and tie a black belt or a rope around your waist to get the perfect look.

Second: To create the skeleton look for your face, use a skeleton mask and apply black face paint under your eyes to maximize the effect of the look. Use the black paint to color the tip of your nose in a way that makes it looks hollow. With white pain, highlight the bones of the visible side of your neck as this can give a skeleton effect to the face.

Third: To crate the Skelton look for your hands, you can easily buy a customized skeleton hands from the market. Or you can paint he bones in white and apply black nail polish to your hands. Remember, your palms are the only part that should be visible. Another idea is to wear black gloves and paint finger bones on them.

Fourth: To make the scythe, draw the shape of a scythe on a cardboard, then cut it out. Cover the scythe cutout with aluminum or silver foil. Instead, you can spray the shape with silver color spray paint. Bring a stick or a pipe and paint it with black or brown color and attach the scythe to the stick or the pipe.

For extra effect, you can accessorize your costume with skull-shaped belts around the waist, or a necklace of little skulls.

How to make a Grim Reaper costume at Home


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