Incredibly Simple Treatments for Your Dry or Cracked feet

Your foot skin is thicker than any part of your body, as it is exposed to the cold weather, direct harmful sunlight, low humidity levels, non-moisturizing soaps, and excessive hot water. To protect your feet, you can use home remedies, protective ways, and natural elements like the remedies explained in the full article.

The cracked and dry food can be a symptom of a serious problem such as diabetes or athlete’s foot or just a result of friction and lack of moisturizing creams. Accordingly, such cracks can be mild or severe, but if the cracks are bleeding, you should clean the spot and apply bandages as any wound to avoid infection.

When you moisturize the dry skin around your heels, for example, early, you will simply avoid serious problems such as psoriasis and dermatitis. Such harmful skin condition can cause daily burning, difficulty walking, and a real change in your lifestyle, as you will need to spend most of your time sitting.

When you take a bath, try to avoid scratching the affected area, rubbing your feet harshly by the towel, washing your feet for a long time, and using fragrant soaps, saunas, steam baths, and bubble baths. Even if you exercise a certain spot type, try to wear comforting shoes with suitable openings to avoid the sudden temperature change.

If you think that the dry skin of your feet is a real problem, you should visit a podiatrist to define your real problem and lead you to a safe way to moisturize your foot. The Podiatrist will apply a physical, blood, or skin tests and ask you about the symptoms and your family medical history to define the exact reason of your problem and find the ideal treatment.

When you make sure that there is no reason for such a dry or cracked foot skin, try to use therapeutic oil, cream, or ointment regularly and avoid alcohol-containing lotions. For example, you can use corticosteroid, coal tar, and calcipotriene creams or ointment to keep your skin moist and ease the burning spots of your cracked skin.

Most of the mild and moderate dry skin cases need a regular use of home remedies such as pumice stones, spearmint, mild moisturizing soaps, and eucalyptus oil. The natural remedies such as lemon juice, olive oil, and vegetable oil mixed with Vaseline or a similar product will protect your cracked feet from infection and heal their wounds.

Treatments for Your Dry or Cracked feet


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