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Lemon, the secret beauty ingredient and it’s amazing uses!

Lemon is the key to so many beauty hacks that you may not be aware of ,it can cater to all your beauty needs easily and effectively .read this article to learn about the so many benefits that lemon has .

1 – you can Use Lemon juice to get rid of skin issues like acne
Apply lemon juice mixed with water on the affected area .leave it for fifteen minutes then wash it . you can also have a glowing skin by drinking a cup of lemon juice daily .

2 – lemon heals scars and age spots
it reduces The discoloration found on the skin which can be caused by many factors such as aging . apply lemon juice on your skin and leave it overnight then wash it in the morning

3- lemon can help you get rid of blackheads
by rubbing lemon juice on the blackheads daily they will stop appearing. rinse it off in the morning.

4 – it can treat Dandruff and prevent an itchy scalp by getting rid of excess oils and balancing ph levels
its also well known for its antibacterial properties which aids in getting rid of dandruff easily as well as scalp infections. After shampooing, you can rinse your hair with lemon an water and repeat it twice a week.

5 – Reduces Stretch Marks by lemon
its loaded with vitamin c and it helps you get rid of dead skin cells produce new ones . rub a slice of lemon on the stretch marks for 5 minutes. let the juice dry completely, then rinse it off .you can repeat these steps twice a day until you are satisfied with the results

6 – Aids in digestion and detoxification
Lemon juice can prevent bloating and digestion problems .lemon juice’s structure is the same as the digestive juices found in the stomach, Lemon water gives a great benefit to our body’s functions as it stimulates the liver and get rid of toxins.

7- Lighten Your Hair
forget about hair dyes and chemicals . if you want a shade or two lighter you can use the magical powers of lemon ,stay in the sun for an hour with a Mix of 4 lemons and ¼ cup of warm water sprayed on your hair .take a shower and use conditioner, as lemon juice can sometimes dry out your hair.

Lemon, the secret beauty ingredient and it’s amazing uses!


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