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Get rid of dark bikini areas naturally and easily

A dark bikini area is usually very embarrassing big problem to many women .there are many products on the market that claim it an fix this issue but do they really work ? these products are full of chemicals that can actually harm your skin , and you should know that the skin in that area is very sensitive . this article will show you many natural ways that you can try to overcome this problem effectively and naturally

1 – Sandalwood and Rose Water
These are available at every grocery . you should mix a spoon of sandalwood powder with ten rose water drops ,leave them for twenty minutes on the bikini area . These remedies are known to be very effective in lightening skin .you can repeat the process 3 times weekly

2 – Aloe Vera Gel
You can buy this gel from any drug store if you don’t have the natural leaves at home .its easily applied by massaging the bikini area with the gel and leaving it for 20 minutes . you can use it every time you take a shower . aloe vera is a perfect anti discoloration agent that will help you get rid of the problem easily

3 – Baking soda
Baking soda is the best skin exfoliant which can get rid of skin dark patches as well.mix it with some water and use it as a scrub for the bikini area . this can really work wonders if you continue using it for a few weeks

4 – Almond scrub:
Leave some almonds in water overnight .in the morning peel and grind them. Add some milk to the almonds until you get a paste form. Massage the bikini area with the paste to get rid of dead skin cells causing discoloration.

5 – Turmeric lemon paste:
apply a few drops of lemon mixed with turmeric powder on the bikini area for 10 minutes to lighten the skin .wash off

6 – Mint leaves
Mint leaves are usually mixed with skin whitening products due to their strong whitening properties .you can soak some leaves in water and use it as a wash during your shower

What causes the problem ?
Skin dehydration or Some hair removal methods like shaving .also being overweight which causes Excessive sweating .infections or hormonal imbalances, you should always consult your doctor before trying any remedy.

Get rid of dark bikini areas naturally and easily


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