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Swollen feet and how to treat them naturally

If you have swollen feet then you may have felt unable to complete your daily chores, or found difficulty wearing your favorite shoes or even difficulty sleeping. This article will guide you on how to prevent the problem and how to get rid of it . Read below for more information.

In order to solve the problem you need to know what are some reasons that may be causing it , you also need to know how to prevent it from happening again …

This problem may occur due to menstruation, obesity, pregnancy, foot injuries, and old age. Retention of fluids in the body can also be a reason , this condition is called edema. To prevent your feet and ankles from swelling you need to eat smaller portions of protein between 50g and also need to consume from 4 to five portions of fruits daily .you need to focus on foods that contain vitamin c ,like . citrus fruits, green and red peppers,potatoes,cabbage and prevent this problem you also need to drink enough amounts of water daily to help your body not to store fluids that cause swelling.

What are some home remedies you can try ?

1 – Massage your feet with mustard oil
This will help increase the blood circulation thus relieving the pressure and pain
Start from the ankles till you gently reach the legs, apply slight pressure on swollen areas. use mustard oil in the process as it will relieve you from the pain effectively

2 – Vinegar
This will help reduce the pain and the swelling. heat some vinegar in a pot of water and soak a towel in the pot , reove the towel and apply it to the swollen area ,repeat for 5 times or 5 minutes

3 – Lecithin Seeds
These seeds are the most effective if you have a chronic problem with feet swelling, consume 3 spoons daily for 3 months for the best results

More tips :
Try to cut down on the salts and sugar in your food as they are one of the main reasons for fluid retention in your body .make sure you don’t consume more than 2000 mg of sodium daily. Take250mg of magnesium daily to reduce swelling as magnesium deficiency can be a reason for swelling. dont stand for a long time and try to relieve your foot whenever you can and lift them up as much as you can.

Swollen feet and how to treat them naturally


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