Top 5 Signs of Cervical Cancer Women Should Know

Did you know that cervical cancer is responsible for a significant percentage of fatalities in women? Cervical cancer is usually caused by HPV, a contagious disease that can be sexually transmitted. However, many other elements contribute to cervical cancer such as genetic tendency, lack of pregnancy, age…etc. However, like other types of cancer, cervical cancer can be limited and even prevented if treated at an early stage. To do that, you need to be aware of its symptoms, such as:

1- Increase in the secretion of fluids from the vagina. This is because the developing cancer makes the cells of the uterus start to discharge fluids that find their way to your vagina. In short, you will find yourself wet often with no clear reason.

2- The development of warts. Warts are the most prominent symptom of HPV, which is the main cause of cervical cancer. Warts can develop on the visible skin or inside on the lining of the vagina or the uterus.

3- Cervical pain and Blood even when it is not that time of the month. And blood in your urine. Blood in urine is usually a symptom of very dangerous health issues.

4- Developing anemia. If you do not usually suffer from iron deficiency and you are eating like usual, but have discovered that you somehow have developed anemia, then it can be a symptom of cervical cancer, especially when it happens with other symptoms such as bleeding.

5- Losing weight for no apparent reason. Losing weight is a common symptom in most kinds of cancer. Moreover, the tumor in this cancer leads to swelling of the cervix which can put a pressure on the stomach, inducing a feeling of fullness and loss of appetite and losing weight as a result.

Signs of Cervical Cancer Women


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