Now with 10 tips: Wearing make up with glasses that turns heads

We always thought that wearing glasses hides the eyes and makes it impossible to wear make up beautifully. This idea is now outdated as it has been proven over and over that glasses can accentuate your look but how to wear make up that would suit your look correctly?

1. Thick lashes
Thick lashes will make your eyes look bigger and better! Apply a double layer of waterproof mascara, this will make your lashes thick and prevent your lenses from getting smudgy.

2. Volume only
Super-curling your lashes will make them hit the lenses so frequently, it becomes annoying. Use a volumizing mascara to get them thick because neither curly nor long will do you any good in this case.

3. The right tone of concealer
Lenses tend to throw a darkening shadow over the eyes, solve this by using a yellow-toned concealer that will brighten your eyes, hide any dark circles yet leaves you with a natural look.

4. Frame your eye shadow
So the rule goes like this: soft shape thick frame, hard shape thin frame. However, if you want to add more drama to the eye play with colours. Use your glasses to frame your eyes like a frame to a good painting. Thus, never let your eye shadow go beyond the frame.

5. Eye shadow colour palette
Mediocre fashion experts will always tell you to use an eyeshadow colour that matches the colour of your frame. However since it is not mediocrity we are after, it is safe to say that over the years fashion houses have taught us to crave a good contrast. A contrast is good if it is not a distraction so mix and match and you will know a good contrast when you see one.

6. Lipstick
The next best thing make up artists will tell you after ‘less is more’ is ‘pick a stress point’. A good make up will have a good harmonious focal point, when you stress the lips you soften the eyes and vice versa as you do not want to come out as too much.

7. Winged eyeliner
A well-applied eyeliner is good but a winged eyeliner is better! It accentuates your eye and draws the attention to them depending on how dramatic you choose the shape. You will never go wrong with a simple winged eyeliner, red lipstick and a luscious look.

8. Blotting foundation! No more
Using transculent foundation will help you to avoid foundation blotting against your lenses. A good contouring also will help accentuate your features and harmonise the shape of your face with the glasses.

9. Eyebrows
Choosing the right shape for your eyebrows will help harmonising your look. You want to have a one centimeter space between your eyebrows and your frame. Do not trim them too thin if you have a thick frame or vice versa as it will only accentuate the contrast. You want a contrast but not a drastic one.

10. Turn heads with your confidence
A confident look is the true reason behind every infatuation. Feel good and look good or look good and feel good. Either way, neither of them works without the other.

 Wearing make up with glasses


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