Makeup Products You Shouldn’t Use Everyday

Finding the best beauty product for your skin is not an easy journey, that’s why when you find something that works best for your skin, you just love it and it becomes so tempting to use it everyday. But some products are just not designed to be used on daily basis. So you are not confused anymore, here’s the beauty products that makeup experts recommend to avoid daily use of.

1- Dry Shampoo.

Don’t have time to wash your hair? Trying to make your hair continue to look fan for the day? Dry shampoo can be your hair saver. However this miracle invention can damage your locks with too much use.
Even if you love the convenience of dry shampoo, using it day after day can damage your hair and leave it dry, brittle and crispy. The build up of frequent use of the product can cause the hair to breakup and damage over time.

2- Deep Hair Conditioners.

Treating your dry scalp and hair roots with a deep protein conditioner is important to make your hair feels healthy and soft especially in the cold dry winter months.
But overuse of deep hair conditiobig products can dry up your hair even more.
So make sure to stick to the recommendations of using once or maybe twice a week on the bottle, more than that you could be overusig the product and causing your hair to get even drier.

3- Makeup Primer.

Makeup primer is a great idea to make your foundation more smooth and even allowing your makeup to last perfectly all day, but unfortunately the ingredients in makeup primers are not exactly your skin’s best friend.
Dermatologists recommend saving makeup primer to special events only because the silicon in these products can clog up your skin with dirt and oil resulting in more unattractive acne breakouts later. Also make sure to wash very well when you come to remove your makeup.

4- Waterproof Mascara.

A coat of mascara it your lashes best morning routine to complete the look. Thankfully you won’t have to give up mascara all together, you should only be more careful with waterproof mascara as it tends to dry up your lashes. Makeup experts recommend applying a first coat of regular mascara, let it dry and then seal it in place with a coat of waterproof mascara. In the evening when you remove your makeup, apply castor oil, coconut oil or almond oil on your lashes to keep them moisturized.

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