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Cancer symptoms that you may not be aware of

An early diagnosis of cancer is always a life saver .According to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence about 5,000 lives a year have a chance in survival if diagnosed as early as possible . This article is a quick and brief guide to learn about some symptoms that may be a warning sign . read along .

According to Peter Johnson, professor of medical oncology at Southampton University and lead clinician for Cancer Research UK most people do not pay attention to the signs or changes in their bodies , while in fact they should be reporting anything unusual happening in their bodies Some women suffer from some symptoms that they may ignore which can be a sign of cancer .

Abnormal vaginal bleeding is a well known sign if you experience bleeding between periods, heavy bleeding or bleeding during sex you must see your doctor as soon as possible .a sign of cervical cancer can also be a dark discharge or a smelly one. moreover , if you feel like you lost a huge amount of weight suddenly without any exercising or dieting then this also can be a sign , as well as feeling tired all the time , its not always an exhausting life routine , sometimes it can be worse .

likewise , if you don’t feel like you get hungry at all anymore , always in a state of a loss of appetite then you might be suffering from ovarian cancer .if you experience hoarseness in your voice which doesn’t go away this could be an indication of head or neck cancer in the vocal cords.

“People with lymphoma have high metabolisms because lymphoma cells use a lot of energy, so they get severe, drenching night sweats where they need to change their pyjamas and sometimes the bedding,” says Dr Shankara Paneesha, consultant haematologist at Spire Parkway Hospital in Birmingham .

Mouth or tongue ulcers which doesn’t go away in a few days but rather stay for 3 to 4 weeks ,with pain or without it can be a sign of cancer .its also associated with white patches or marks on the tongue. they are also thick in nature.another warning sign is a sore that won’t heal for a long time , it can be found anywhere on the skin for a period of two to three weeks .

Cancer symptoms that you may not be aware of


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