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5 Warning Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

In the earliest stages of development, cervical cancer caused a big number of deaths in women as many symptoms are rarely alarming and they were overlooked. But today there is a significant reduction in that number because of the awareness and screening. Having a regular Pap test greatly helps in identifying cervical cancer in its earliest stages and this is very important because cervical cancer is easier to treat in its early stages.

Aside from receiving the regular Pap test, knowing the alarming symptoms is an effective way to identify cervical cancer in its early stages. Here are the most common symptoms of cervical cancer.

1. Vaginal Discharge: Generally, it is normal for women to experience vaginal discharge which is usually without color or odor. But, if there is a sudden increase of discharges that have a color or foul smell, this could be a sign of cervical cancer.

2. Unusual Bleeding: It is the most common symptom of cervical cancer. The unusual bleeding occurs in between menstrual periods or after vaginal intercourse. Also, sometimes abnormal bleeding thought to be normal spotting between periods. So if any woman especially who no longer have a period is experiencing any unusual bleeding she should immediately visit her doctor.

3. Leg Pain: In its early stages, cervical cancer can cause swelling and leg pain. When the cervix afflicted with cancer cells, the cervix will swell and this can cause a reduction in the blood flow to the lower extremities causing the legs to swell and pain.

4. Painful Urination: Feeling uncomfortable while urination is an obvious symptom of cervical cancer. There is a relation between the cervix and urinary tract as urinary tract infection can be the result of lingering bacteria from the vaginal walls and much like the pain from this infection. Cervical cancer can cause the muscles around the bladder to irritate and inflame making peeing very uncomfortable. Usually when urinary symptoms happen that means that cancer has spread to the nearby tissues and this require an immediate visit to the doctor.

5. Weight Loss and Fatigue: As this is the case with many other forms of cancer, unexplained weight loss can be a sign of cervical cancer. In order to fight off the infection, our bodies produce small proteins called cytokines. These breakdown fats at a higher rate than normal causing weight loss. Moreover, cervical cancer reduces the production of healthy red blood cells which are replaced by white blood cells and this can cause unexplained fatigue and lack of energy.

5 Warning Symptoms of Cervical Cancer


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